hey there—

it’s been an awesome year, but 2010 is shaping up to be even better! Chris & I will be releasing our 1st LP on iTunes in the next 3 months & we’re both really proud & excited to be a part of this record!

with all of the album preparation on hold for now while Maura (www.frag-ment-ed.com) finishes the artwork, we’ve been hard at work on some new songs. four of them will be posted today. they are: BETTING MAN, ECHO, PIECES APART & BLACK HORSE. take a few minutes & head over to our page to listen to them: www.myspace.com/presentlyfalling.com

you can also hear ALL of our songs here: www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling

some info about these songs:

Echo: a tribute to Lura, a truly amazing woman that will be missed.

Black Horse: an old song of mine that is FINALLY finished thanks to Chris’ persistence!

Betting Man: one of my rare “political” songs that was written during the election. i’m just glad that the good guy won.

Pieces Apart: first song I’ve written that is geared towards a music & art collaboration that Maura & I are talking about. the theme of the collaboration is puzzles. Chris & Laurel added some awesome vocals to this one.

thanks for all the love & support and i hope you all have a VERY happy 2010!!!


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