3 new songs completed and copyright certificate for LP arrives!

Happy Saturday all! Chris here writing from sunny Columbia, MO this morning to share some very exciting news! Yesterday Matt received our official copyright certificate for our debut LP ‘Here We Are’. You’d think we both won the lottery judging from our talk yesterday! Come to think of it, I’d say this music and friendship is no different : )

Ok, so updates on the music. Matt worked his arse off this week and finished mixing 3 new songs; Sideways, Suspended in Motion and Swifter Change. All of these will be posted on the Reverb and MySpace page today!

Sideways was something Matt wrote just before he left for his vacation to Portland/Seattle last month. He sent me this e-mail right before he left saying that he knew we were about to take a pause in writing but that he couldn’t help himself! The part of the song that hooked me was the “la, la, la, la” bit and the more I listened the more drawn in I got. While Matt was away I loaded up the song with a lot of instrumentation including a harmonica intro that I couldn’t get in key! I think I tried 3-4 different parts before we dropped it and added what you hear now in the intro.

Cluthe: Lyrics/Vocals/Rhythm Fender Strat/Fender Strat leads/J Bass
Lee: Fender Acoustic Guitar/GarageBand Orchestral Strings/Piano/Backing Vocals/Drums/Percussion/Les Paul Electric Lead

Swifter Change is a song that was originally written back in first week of September 2009 with a working title of “After The Chili Song.” Yes, I had just eaten a bowl of chili before recording it ; ) It was a pretty complex little number as far as my musical abilities go. Lots of picking patterns in there. I brought this one back to Matt’s attention in late March and he latched on to the piano parts I’d recorded. He sent me back this jaw dropping delayed guitar lead along with some rough vocal ideas that had a very haunting and fitting tone to them. This song also does not have any percussion, which hasn’t been done since “Setting Sun” maybe? After 50 songs, the ol’ memory starts getting fuzzy!

Swifter Change
Cluthe: Lyrics/all vocals/Fender Strat lead with delay
Lee: Fender Acoustic/Piano/Fender P-Bass

The last in the three S’s series is Suspended in Motion which was written by Matt. It’s working title was “Growing Up” which is appropriate as you listen to the lyrics. I found myself relating to some of the themes in here, which Matt has such a talent for in his writing. Pair that with his incredible singing and playing and you have this song!

Suspended In Motion
Cluthe: Lyrics/all vocals/Fender Strat Rhythm/Fender J-Bass
Lee: Les Paul leads/effects/Shaker

Well there you have it! 3 songs all in one release! We are excited to continue sharing this with you all and really do appreciate all the faithful listeners and support!

Whole Lotta Love-

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