a quick update…

hey everyone—-

just a quick update from the TX half of this collaboration….
lots of stuff going on these days. i’ve been out of town visiting family & am excited to get back into musicmode. we have one new song that’s just about done called “London Dream”—look for that to be released this week! we also have a lot of others that will be getting some attention this week & we hope to release them very soon.

also, THANKS for voting in the little contest we’re in! your support means a lot to both of us.

our second record, Life Can Go, is done. we’ll be submitting it for copyright in the next week or so. i was able to pick Maura’s brain a bit about the direction of the artwork and i can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

as always, you can listen to our tunes here….

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and also join our Facebook group here….
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wow…that’s a lot of links!!!

happy holidays, everyone. more updates coming soon….


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