A return to new music!

Hey howdy hey people of the interwebs!

After a very eventful last few months, Matt and I are slowly getting back into working on songs! These two new songs had working titles of 5/2 song (Orwell’s Warning) and 5/8 song (Stagnant In Park)respectively. They were likely written in April, and so finishing them up and getting them to you all is pretty awesome considering that time frame! So, like I mentioned, Matt and I are getting back into things full swing and in fact have something like 4-5 additional tunes we’re working up as I type. Matt’s taking a much deserved vacation over the next week but he tells me when he returns it’s “game on.” We spoke the other day on the phone and both feel like we’re just getting started on this whole music collaboration. I sure am excited and I hope you all are too!

Orwell’s Warning

Chris: Fender Acoustic Guitar, Fender P-Bass, Drum Kit, Shaker, Mixing
Matt: Lyrics/Lead & Backing Vocals, Fender Strat Rhythm Guitar & Lead Guitar

This is the first Cluthe/Lee song I have mixed! As we mentioned in previous updates, Matt and I are both now running the same version of Garageband and made a decision that whoever brings a song to the collaboration will be the one who does all the mixing. Matt has done all the mixing up to Orwell’s Warning and it should be said that he has and will continue to do amazing work. Mixing this one was a little daunting for me simply because my musical mind ran wild with ideas on how it all should be represented sonically. I had a ton of encouragement from Matt along the way and can say that I feel a sense of relief getting the first one finished! Phew! The song has a nice laid back folky sound to it I think and Matt was immediately struck by it. His guitar playing on it is just stellar! The leads he plays are very mellow and fit the tone of the song. I’m biased when I say that this song sounds so great! Having the same recording equipment and Garageband has brought up the sound in our tunes and I know this one will come across as a nice example.

Stagnant In Park

Matt: Lyrics/All Vocals, Fender Strat Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Fender J-Bass, GB Drum Loop, Mixing.
Chris: Les Paul Lead Guitars.

As Matt posted below, this song just might be about moving 😉
I could relate as I was going through a huge move into a house at the time this song was being worked on. When I first got the track from Matt, I had this little staccato part running through my head but wasn’t sure if I could keep pace with the drum loop and everything else. A few practice runs and the record button went on. That part you hear along in the verses was a first take. Pretty proud of my time keeping abilities! Ha! The solo went through several incarnations before settling on this little number you hear in the song. Matt and I both think our guitar interplay in this song is pretty darn good considering we still have never met before, jammed together live. That’s one thing that keeps blowing my mind with this collaboration.

So there you have it! 2 new ones with SO many more coming! Can’t wait to share what’s around the bend in Cluthe/Lee music land. Go check our myspace page or reverb page for all the songs! As always, thanks for listening! Lots of love!



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