Album Announcement!

Hi friends, family and fans –

Matt and I are excited to announce that we have started a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo starting today at 12:00pm CST on Saturday November 8, 2014! The goals of the campaign are spelled out on our fundraising page (see direct link below).  Most notably we are looking to have this new album pressed to a vinyl in a limited run!

We’ve been hard at work the last 2 years on our 4th album – and are at the stage where we are ready to have the album mixed and mastered in a professional studio. You might remember in 2012 we asked for your help to get our 3rd album ‘Where It Began’ and the results were hands down the best we’ve had on any record we’ve done!

A lot has changed in our lives since ‘Where It Began’ was completed. There have been babies, cross country moves, career changes and of course lots of writing and music! We are quite excited to have you all play a part in this 4th album, and to do so in a way like never before.

So, visit the link below to read everything about our campaign and of course to make a donation towards our fundraising goal! We are so fortunate to have had your support over the last 5 years and are counting on you all to continue that support in any way you can!

Much love,

Chris and Matt


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