Album Update for Where It Began

Update on our 3rd album, Where It Began

-Chris is meeting with our sound engineer today. Wil will start mastering the 4th song today!
-I talked to my sister, Maura yesterday. The artwork is coming along nicely & she expects to have some roughs prepared for us by mid-July. She’s designing 3 separate roughs & Chris & I will pick one for the album art.
-We will be including lyrics again for this release.
-We’re easily on schedule for a Fall release. We’ll be starting the pre-order shortly after the artwork is finalized. The pre-paid pre-order will be just like the first two albums. We’ve yet to determine the price, but it’ll be at or around the same price as our last album ($12).
-The album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc just like the previous albums.
-The website’s debut will coincide with the album release. For now, the address will re-direct you to our reverbnation page where you can hear a ton of our songs.
-You can follow us on twitter: @clutheleemusic or @mattcluthe & find us on Facebook here for the latest info:
-You can email us here ( with any questions or to join our mailing list.
-One more thing….NEW SONGS (Take Flight/Open Heart Beating) will be posted soon!

Ok…I think that’s it! Have a great weekend!


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