Album Update

Wide OpenHi family and friends of Cluthe/Lee!

Matt and I are hard at work on polishing up songs for our fourth full length record. The process is slow and methodical as it has been in the past. Its a wonderful collection of songs that are quite different from anything we’ve released thus far and we’re both excited to bring it to you all. Matt’s sister, Maura will once again be lending her talents with the album artwork & layout! (Thanks, Maura!!!) As you know, Cluthe/Lee is a organically grown, community/self-funded group and thanks to all your support over the last 5 years we’ve been able to have CDs made of our last 3 records, that also included a mastering job on on last record Where It Began. When Matt and I first decided to work on a fourth record, we knew that we wanted to take a new angle on how to put it out. We’ll get straight to the point here and I find that making a list helps! So, here we go! Here is what Matt and I want to accomplish with this new record.

1. Master this record – but take it up a notch working with a new engineer to really polish these songs. For those that have Where It Began, you’ll notice how much better those songs sound compared to our first two when Matt and I were doing it all by ourselves.

2. Offer the record in a variety of formats both physical and digital. This means the possibility of vinyl, CDs, download cards and availability at a large number of online stores like iTunes and Google Play.

Ok, so what’s the catch here? Both of those goals above will obviously cost money. Money that neither Matt or I have. That’s where you guys and the greater public come in. Most of you are aware of crowd funding like Kickstarter and might have, like me, supported a few projects you were really into. Well, that’s exactly what Matt and I feel will help us accomplish all our goals for this fourth album. Its an exciting and nerve wracking prospect to put the fate of this record into the hands of the people, but it feels right, the timing is right and feel Cluthe/Lee is a project worth backing!

As of this letter, we are kicking around a prize structure for backing the our fourth album and the ideas are exciting! We do not have a fundraising site set up quite yet – we want to make sure we have all our ducks in a row first, but both Matt and I felt you guys should be the first to know about what we’re planning. You’ve been the source of support and enthusiasm that has been and is in many ways, the life force that keeps us going. We don’t have any other information  as of yet to share, but when we do, we will be in touch.

As it has been in the past, we are so very grateful for your unwavering support and love from the beginning. Its a new chapter in Cluthe/Lee and we are stoked at what’s coming….

With Kind Regards,

Chris & Matt

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