April 2014 Update

Hey everyone. Hope this message finds you all well. Chris & I have been very busy lately and we’re excited to announce some exciting things that are coming up very soon with Cluthe/Lee. We’ll keep you all posted on what we have coming up as things come together.
New Cluthe/Lee album in the works!
We’re very excited to announce that we’ve started preparing our 4th (still untitled at this point) album! We’re still in the early stages, but we do have the songs picked out for the album. We’ll be working on finishing various aspects (recording/mixing/edits) of these songs over the next couple of months. Once that part is done, we’ll be sending it off to be mastered. We aren’t going to reveal the tracklist quite yet, but I can tell you that there are several new songs on this album that have not been released & that you won’t be able to hear until the album is out. We’re also very excited to announce that Matt’s sister, Maura, will be once again lending her talents by designing the album artwork. She has created all of our album art to this point & you can see more of her artwork at www.frag-ment-ed.com. As the album process moves along, we’ll keep you updated on how the pre-sale will work and how the album is coming along. We have some really fun ideas for the pre-sale. Lastly, we’re really excited for everyone to hear it & it sounds very different from anything we’ve done up to this point.
Matt Cluthe solo album:
As a lot of you know, Matt is constantly writing. He started developing an idea for a solo album when he wrote a couple of songs that didn’t quite fit the Cluthe/Lee mold. After lots of encouragement from everyone, including Chris, he started piecing together his first solo album. It has come together rather quickly, but it still has a ways to go. Just like with Cluthe/Lee, we will keep you all updated as the album unfolds & there are firmer plans in place. Most of the songs are brand new, but there are a couple of older songs that have resurfaced & are in consideration for the album.
You asked, Matt answered
A couple of weeks ago, we asked all of you if you had any questions for Matt about Cluthe/Lee, our process or anything else you were curious about. The response was great! Matt will be posting a video with his responses on our site, www.cluthelee.com & on our Facebook page. Thanks a ton for your questions & we’ll do another Q&A session with Chris very soon! Look for this video to be posted in the next week or so.
Writing, writing & more writing:
Both Matt & Chris are continuing to write each & every day. In typical Cluthe/Lee style, these songs are all over the place in terms of style & tone. You can expect to hear some new tunes within the next several weeks.
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Matt & Chris

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