April Day/Drift On

hey everyone….

Matt here enjoying the awesome smells of Laurel’s Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drumettes. Yum….

so i thought i’d share some info about the two latest Cluthe/Lee songs before i get too full. i just finished mixing them this afternoon & we should have them posted on our pages by tomorrow afternoon.

“Drift On”
Cluthe (words/music): piano, j bass, mixing
Lee: all guitars

this is a piano ballad that has taken a long time to complete…and that’s my fault! i’d been messing around with the chord progression for awhile and a big thanks to Chris for being so patient!! once i finally nailed down the chord structure, i hit record. this one has been “finished” for awhile, but it seems like it took forever to mix. there was something about it that just sounded off…

after taking a break from mixing this song, i heard it with fresh ears this morning & i could see/hear the end. Chris has some soaring notes on this song that really stand out & it’s hard to imagine this song without them!

“April Day”
Lee (music): rhythm guitars, acoustic lead guitar, p bass
Cluthe (words): vocals, rhythm/lead electric guitar, mixing

this is a beautiful song that Chris wrote….as soon as i heard it, a melody formed. the vocals also came together rather quickly. my family is always on my mind & this is a song about a day in April when our family changed. we miss you, Dad.

we have a few others that we’re working on right now…looking forward to sharing them with you soon! gotta run..dinner’s ready! thanks for listening!!


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