New song ‘Easy Way’



Hi friends, and happy Thursday to you!

Matt and I are excited to share another recently finished song called ‘Easy Way.’ This is another song that had a long road to completion. I think I wrote the music for it early last spring after upgrading the drum heads on my kit to Evans and Remo Emperor’s. This was a song that was written shortly after breaking them in. I’d set up my mics and board, hit record and just started playing. I worked up the guitar and other elements after listening to the drums I did over a few days. There are a few songs that have started as drums first and everything else added afterwards – and this is another one. It’s a weird way to write music, but all part of working alone on demos I suppose. Anyway…I sent Matt the music last year and he started piecing together his vocals/lyrics and guitar leads. Flash forward to last month and this one came back up as one that we both liked a lot. Hope you enjoy it!

Easy Way (press to play)

Chris: Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drums

Matt: Vocals/Lyrics, Lead Guitar

New Song – Sunday April 21, 2013




Hi all

Matt and I are excited to share a brand new song with you today! It’s called ‘Constant.’ This song has been a very long time in the making and was written 13 months ago whilst in the middle of production for our last record ‘Where It Began.’ It’s part of a wave of 25 songs I started writing after we had identified tracks for ‘Where It Began.’ This was one that Matt gravitated towards in July 2012 and had started some basic vocals on. Then life got busy for us and ‘Constant’ was shelved until last month when we started rounding up songs that were in various stages of completion. The additional work on it took some time – and included some pretty radical changes from the original recording. ‘Constant’ is a strange one to me in that it’s not a very long song. I recall wanting to write something really short, but that had a big sound, and a crest that built up high and washed out immediately. That crest ended up being about 3-4 different guitar solo’s before I settled on the one you hear in this recording. Matt got a hold of the song again in March 2013, revisited his vocals/lyrics and added some amazing guitar work on it. He is playing that ambient/distant guitar lead you hear in the song. He had this idea of accompanying the guitar solo you hear, with another guitar solo, which is not something we have done a whole lot in Cluthe/Lee. In the end though, the competing guitar solo’s really turned the song into something much more than it was to start with. I really love how Matt’s vocals drop in and out of this song. He’s so amazing at finding his pockets and driving home lyrics that for me, swim in my head for days after.

In the end, there were too many last second additions to mention on ‘Constant,’ and I’m thinking that the approach we’ve employed since finishing out last record is a good one. Very patient, not rushing things right out to the interwebs. Letting songs breathe and develop as we listen to the demos over 2-3 week periods. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of moments where we dial into something and that’s it. That’s the song and we release it with little tinkering involved. ‘Constant,’ just by the fact that the music is 13 months old, is a song we took lots of time to dial into and back into. I think the song is saying that we’re focusing on what we feel are the strongest songs out of a group of about 50 + songs we’ve got going right now. 2012 was a crazy year of change for Matt and I, yet we continued writing music all the time. There are so many ideas we have, per usual and I know we’re both excited to continue sharing what we do with you all.

Till the next one….be well!


‘Constant’ (Cluthe/Lyrics, Lee/Music)
Lee: Rhythm electric and acoustic guitars, Drums, Bass, Bells and Shaker, Organ
Cluthe: All vocals, lyrics and lead electric guitar
Recorded at The Lee Ranch Columbia, MO, and Cluthe Studios Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon between March 2012 and April 2013

Constant (Click Me to Play)