Away From

IMG_1240(Matt-words/music: vocals, acoustic, bass, electric) This song started back in 2008 when I wrote the lyrics. It was one of those songs where I could hear the vocal melody, but the music wasn’t coming to me. Fast forward to 3-4 years later when I came up with a chord progression…in that progression, I could hear this original vocal melody. So, I frantically searched for the lyrics. Once I found them, I hit record. All of my parts are first take. I wanted it to keep it as pure as possible.  Chris, of course, nailed his leads & the mood of the song with his drumming.

(Chris: drums/lead guitar) This song in particular was done for a long time – written around the time just after we’d gone to PJ20. A very fruitful period of writing – inspired period of writing since that was a time we’d got to play 2 shows in the same year with one another. Song makes me miss my drum kit!


Away From "Away From" by Cluthe/Lee. Released: 2013. "Away From"




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