hi everyone…
Matt here posting the first of several new Cluthe/Lee songs that we’re working on right now. prior to our show in Wisconsin, we’d been spending most of our time mixing our last two songs & rehearsing for the show. so, we took a break from working on new material. since we’ve been back, we’ve both been writing like crazy & this is the first of several new songs that we’ll be releasing. this is a tune called “Birds” & it was written the week after our PJ20 trip/adventure. i’m a big fan of lyrical imagery and i think you’ll be able to sense that after reading the lyrics below. i kicked this idea around for a few days, then went into my music room/studio & set up the mic. all of my parts were written & recorded in an hour’s time…which is not like me at all! Chris’ drumming fits the song perfectly & his lead really elevates the song & comes in at the perfect time. speaking of his lead, this is what he had to say about it….

“Funny story about when I recorded the solo. My headphones and guitar cable are long enough that I can wander into the next room and play if I want. I probably played like 5 different leads in places all over “Birds.” On the final take I started walking around the room about mid point in the song and decided to stroll out of the room away from the computer. As I got to the door, I suddenly heard where I wanted to jump in and play. That one note you hear squeal is me raising the head stock on the guitar trying to not bump the door frame! I played the rest of the solo in the hallway outside the studio. For about the next hour I kept trying to get that squeal by raising up the guitar to no avail!”

so, there you have it. hope you enjoy & thanks for your support!! i’ve never posted my lyrics before, but felt like posting the lyrics to this song for some reason. take care & we”ll see you soon…


Cluthe (words/music): acoustic guitar, tremolo guitar, vocals, bass
Lee: drums, lead guitar

there are birds in the trees; they glide through it all
never to perish, never to fall
see reflections of me within their eyes
it’s locked in, it’s all inside..
the water you drink to satisfy needs
it’s a part of nature, a part of me

when sarcasm and rage flash on tv
something’s lost, something we need
a common voice, a steady hand
no one delivers or understands
but the stars above and the fire below
keep on moving, ebb & flow…
of the ones you love, the ones you need
i’ll keep holding on, your silent decree

your strong blue eyes and a harvest moon
quickly fill the space in this room
the hurricane spins, the ground will shake
until we focus on other’s sakes
the life you love, the world you see
circles back to the birds in the trees

don’t take the pills; don’t swallow them all
they’ll glide you right into the wall…
you can not climb, your feet will slip
hands unable to grab or grip
you are you and we are we…
slowly glance at the birds in the trees

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