May 2015 Album Update


Hi friends, family and fans of Cluthe/Lee!

It’s Chris checking in from rainy Columbia, Missouri! So, it’s been some time since you’ve heard from us! We hope you are all doing well out there. Cluthe/Lee’s fundraiser through Indiegogo ended in early January and we were able to raise just over $500 towards completing the new album and having it printed to vinyl. Since the fundraiser ended a number of things have been in motion with the band. First is the completion of the 4th album! We are currently in the final stages of reviewing the songs we want on the new record and its going well. There are about 12 songs in consideration and they are all very fitting of the band’s style and sound. We’ve divided up that group of songs and are each making final adjustments, overdubs, new parts, mixing, etc,. Once Matt and I feel like they are as finished as we can make them, the next goal will be to launch a second fundraiser to hopefully get the rest of what we’ll need to not only mix/master the final record, but to have it printed up on vinyl! We are in touch with a number of vinyl production facilities, as well as a sound studios/engineers and have a solid amount we figure we need to get this project finished. If you ended up donating to the Indiegogo campaign, we will do our best to honor the pledge and prize level promised to the best of our ability. Our hope is that once fully funded, everybody who donated get a copy of the new album at the very least! The timetable for the new fundraiser launch will be June and will continue until we reach our goal. I think this second attempt will be more successful as we will not have any time constraints attached to it. This means we are not going to use any fundraising vehicle’s this time. Since Matt is actively touring the Portland area this year, there may be some chances to engage him at a show and donate that way. We will also be making past albums available for purchase as part of raising funds towards the 4th album project.

So, what else is going on? Matt is touring the Portland area this year and has some very big gigs lined up that I hope you can attend! (info below) Visit Matt on his Facebook page and check our Cluthe/Lee Facebook page for all the touring details! Matt has also been hard at work on his first solo record and while I haven’t heard anything from it yet, he told me recently I will get to play on some songs which I’m completely stoked about! He’s also continued to write songs that could very well be included on a 5th Cluthe/Lee album in the future! Look for a personal update from Matt very soon! As for myself, I have been less active with the band from a writing standpoint focusing more on raising my 2 year old daughter and starting a new career this past year. I assure you all that Cluthe/Lee is very much alive though and you’re going to start hearing from us a lot more in the coming months.

If you guys have any questions and/or feedback you want to share, send us an e-mail at or message the band on our Facebook page. Thanks for all of your continued support the last 6 years! We are both so very grateful for it and to all of you!

Chris & Matt





-Sunday, May 31st at McMeniman’s Al’s Den in downtown Portland opening for The Cabin Project. Show starts at 7pm.

-Friday, June 12th at Insomnia. Show starts at 7:30pm.

**More shows in Portland/Seattle for the rest of the year TBA soon!


I Love Music


Orange CrushHi all…

Matt here. Just wanted to check in & let you all know that things are picking up here in Portland these days. Just above these words, you’ll see a picture of my new guitar. I absolutely love it & have been wanting one for several years. I was able to pick one up last year & it still floors me that it’s mine. It’s a beautiful guitar & the tone is so rich & full and it has opened the door to a new feel/style/touch that I’ve been wanting in my songwriting process. You’ll hear it on the new Cluthe/Lee album a bit & you’ll hear a lot more of it in upcoming Cluthe/Lee albums & my own solo albums.

Matt & LaurelI’ve been playing a lot of shows in the Portland metro area lately & it’s been a lot of fun. Laurel usually joins me for about 7-8 songs where she sings & plays cajon. The response has been great & I’ve been contacting booking managers in Portland & Seattle a lot lately. My goal is is line up a solid string of shows for the summer & it looks like it will happen. Once that is set, I will definitely let you all know. Another goal is to somehow figure out a way to get Chris & his family up here this summer so we can put on a proper Cluthe/Lee show in our new home city/state/region/area/yougettheidea.

Matt @ InsomniaSo, what’s next with Cluthe/Lee? What’s next with the band? I’ve been hearing this a lot lately & wanted to give you all a bit of an update. Our 4th album is done, in theory. The songs are picked out, Maura is on board again for the artwork (thanks, Maura!), Chris has made contact with Wil (our engineer on Where It Began) about mastering, I am recording the final parts to a couple of the songs, Chris & I are both getting ready to mix down our final mixes for Wil & the album is still on track to be released on VINYL. Yes, VINYL!

So, just a quick update from Portland for you all. I hope that this message finds you all well. As always, thanks SO MUCH for the constant love & support! If you’re into social media, check the links below for more ways to stay in touch with us while we prepare to release our 4th album.

Cheers, Matt


Twitter: @clutheleemusic

Twitter (Matt): @mattcluthe




IMG_4386Hi all…

I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on with the new record. I am currently sitting in my home studio getting ready to record some additional parts to some of these songs. Most are completely done & some others still need some new parts to be added. Most of the album has already been mixed by myself & Chris. We will re-examine the overall mix before submitting it to be mastered. I’ve been playing these songs live all over Portland & they really hold up. Actually, a couple of them have become setlist closers because they feel strong & the response they’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive.

As for the release date & plans, we’re off to a great start. We started an Indiegogo campaign right before the holidays & the response was great. That response is now our foundation for the next leg of our goal. Our goal is to fund the mastering of the album, pressing it to vinyl & also releasing it to all online digital music retailers (like our last 3 albums). To those that contributed to the Indiegogo campaign, THANK YOU!

It’s safe to say that we’re very excited to put this album out. We’ve both worked very hard on it, but we want to make sure that we’re putting it out in the right way. While it’s been “done” for a while now, it’s not done. I can assure you that we will continue to keep you updated on how it all unfolds. Once we have all of our ducks in a row, we will let you know more about the pre-order process.

Until then, we can’t thank you all enough for your continued love & support.



Album Announcement!

Hi friends, family and fans –

Matt and I are excited to announce that we have started a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo starting today at 12:00pm CST on Saturday November 8, 2014! The goals of the campaign are spelled out on our fundraising page (see direct link below).  Most notably we are looking to have this new album pressed to a vinyl in a limited run!

We’ve been hard at work the last 2 years on our 4th album – and are at the stage where we are ready to have the album mixed and mastered in a professional studio. You might remember in 2012 we asked for your help to get our 3rd album ‘Where It Began’ and the results were hands down the best we’ve had on any record we’ve done!

A lot has changed in our lives since ‘Where It Began’ was completed. There have been babies, cross country moves, career changes and of course lots of writing and music! We are quite excited to have you all play a part in this 4th album, and to do so in a way like never before.

So, visit the link below to read everything about our campaign and of course to make a donation towards our fundraising goal! We are so fortunate to have had your support over the last 5 years and are counting on you all to continue that support in any way you can!

Much love,

Chris and Matt


Album Update

Wide OpenHi family and friends of Cluthe/Lee!

Matt and I are hard at work on polishing up songs for our fourth full length record. The process is slow and methodical as it has been in the past. Its a wonderful collection of songs that are quite different from anything we’ve released thus far and we’re both excited to bring it to you all. Matt’s sister, Maura will once again be lending her talents with the album artwork & layout! (Thanks, Maura!!!) As you know, Cluthe/Lee is a organically grown, community/self-funded group and thanks to all your support over the last 5 years we’ve been able to have CDs made of our last 3 records, that also included a mastering job on on last record Where It Began. When Matt and I first decided to work on a fourth record, we knew that we wanted to take a new angle on how to put it out. We’ll get straight to the point here and I find that making a list helps! So, here we go! Here is what Matt and I want to accomplish with this new record.

1. Master this record – but take it up a notch working with a new engineer to really polish these songs. For those that have Where It Began, you’ll notice how much better those songs sound compared to our first two when Matt and I were doing it all by ourselves.

2. Offer the record in a variety of formats both physical and digital. This means the possibility of vinyl, CDs, download cards and availability at a large number of online stores like iTunes and Google Play.

Ok, so what’s the catch here? Both of those goals above will obviously cost money. Money that neither Matt or I have. That’s where you guys and the greater public come in. Most of you are aware of crowd funding like Kickstarter and might have, like me, supported a few projects you were really into. Well, that’s exactly what Matt and I feel will help us accomplish all our goals for this fourth album. Its an exciting and nerve wracking prospect to put the fate of this record into the hands of the people, but it feels right, the timing is right and feel Cluthe/Lee is a project worth backing!

As of this letter, we are kicking around a prize structure for backing the our fourth album and the ideas are exciting! We do not have a fundraising site set up quite yet – we want to make sure we have all our ducks in a row first, but both Matt and I felt you guys should be the first to know about what we’re planning. You’ve been the source of support and enthusiasm that has been and is in many ways, the life force that keeps us going. We don’t have any other information  as of yet to share, but when we do, we will be in touch.

As it has been in the past, we are so very grateful for your unwavering support and love from the beginning. Its a new chapter in Cluthe/Lee and we are stoked at what’s coming….

With Kind Regards,

Chris & Matt

April 2014 Update

Hey everyone. Hope this message finds you all well. Chris & I have been very busy lately and we’re excited to announce some exciting things that are coming up very soon with Cluthe/Lee. We’ll keep you all posted on what we have coming up as things come together.
New Cluthe/Lee album in the works!
We’re very excited to announce that we’ve started preparing our 4th (still untitled at this point) album! We’re still in the early stages, but we do have the songs picked out for the album. We’ll be working on finishing various aspects (recording/mixing/edits) of these songs over the next couple of months. Once that part is done, we’ll be sending it off to be mastered. We aren’t going to reveal the tracklist quite yet, but I can tell you that there are several new songs on this album that have not been released & that you won’t be able to hear until the album is out. We’re also very excited to announce that Matt’s sister, Maura, will be once again lending her talents by designing the album artwork. She has created all of our album art to this point & you can see more of her artwork at As the album process moves along, we’ll keep you updated on how the pre-sale will work and how the album is coming along. We have some really fun ideas for the pre-sale. Lastly, we’re really excited for everyone to hear it & it sounds very different from anything we’ve done up to this point.
Matt Cluthe solo album:
As a lot of you know, Matt is constantly writing. He started developing an idea for a solo album when he wrote a couple of songs that didn’t quite fit the Cluthe/Lee mold. After lots of encouragement from everyone, including Chris, he started piecing together his first solo album. It has come together rather quickly, but it still has a ways to go. Just like with Cluthe/Lee, we will keep you all updated as the album unfolds & there are firmer plans in place. Most of the songs are brand new, but there are a couple of older songs that have resurfaced & are in consideration for the album.
You asked, Matt answered
A couple of weeks ago, we asked all of you if you had any questions for Matt about Cluthe/Lee, our process or anything else you were curious about. The response was great! Matt will be posting a video with his responses on our site, & on our Facebook page. Thanks a ton for your questions & we’ll do another Q&A session with Chris very soon! Look for this video to be posted in the next week or so.
Writing, writing & more writing:
Both Matt & Chris are continuing to write each & every day. In typical Cluthe/Lee style, these songs are all over the place in terms of style & tone. You can expect to hear some new tunes within the next several weeks.
Follow Us:
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Follow us on Twitter here: @clutheleemusic or Matt: @mattcluthe
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That’s it! As always, thanks for your constant love & support.
Matt & Chris

2013 Holiday Cover

Hey everyone!

Hope this email finds you all well! Here is our 2013 holiday cover—a cover of Elliott Smith’s “No Name #1.” Elliott is easily of my all time favorite songwriters & Chris & I were really excited to cover this song. Hope you enjoy!

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for 2014 & can’t wait to share it all with you! Thanks for your continued love & support & we wish you all nothing but the best in 2014!


Matt & Chris

No Name #1 "No Name #1" from Holiday Cover 2013 by Cluthe/Lee. Released: 2012. "No Name #1"

Far Beyond Me


(Lee) I have loved this song a very, very long time it feels. It’s one of those that I would listen to a lot whenever I was on the computer. The instrumental version had this soundtrack vibe to it. Total improv on the drums. One take. That was it. Didn’t even go back for any edits. I did write a few different guitar solo’s for the song through the years, some pretty wild, and in the end settled on this very subdued one. I am glad I chose to go back and go with this one – it compliments the lead Matt already played. So happy this one is finished and out there for all to hear! It’s a personal favorite and one that shows that two people in two different places can improv off one another and it turn out decent!


(Cluthe) I remember writing this one when I was very much under the weather. Voice was strained & I was home from work. I had the melody in my head to go along with the riff/chord progression that I’d been kicking around. My voice was pretty much shot, but I figured that I could at least record a rough demo to use as a roadmap. I recorded the guitar first & was happy with the take & then gave the vocals a shot. I sent it to Chris knowing that I’d have to re-record the vocals, but he said otherwise. I sat on it a bit & as he added his parts I realized that he was right. So glad that we’re putting this one out there for everyone to hear!

Far Beyond Me Cluthe/Lee Words/Music by Matt Cluthe. Mixed by Chris Lee "Far Beyond Me"

Away From

IMG_1240(Matt-words/music: vocals, acoustic, bass, electric) This song started back in 2008 when I wrote the lyrics. It was one of those songs where I could hear the vocal melody, but the music wasn’t coming to me. Fast forward to 3-4 years later when I came up with a chord progression…in that progression, I could hear this original vocal melody. So, I frantically searched for the lyrics. Once I found them, I hit record. All of my parts are first take. I wanted it to keep it as pure as possible.  Chris, of course, nailed his leads & the mood of the song with his drumming.

(Chris: drums/lead guitar) This song in particular was done for a long time – written around the time just after we’d gone to PJ20. A very fruitful period of writing – inspired period of writing since that was a time we’d got to play 2 shows in the same year with one another. Song makes me miss my drum kit!


Away From "Away From" by Cluthe/Lee. Released: 2013. "Away From"




Fall So Far

Fall So Far

There are some songs that you can’t let go of. They remain & almost demand themselves to be heard because you find yourself playing those familiar chords almost every time you pick up your guitar. That is the case with Fall So Far. I wrote this song back in 2006-2007 & it has been a staple at every show I’ve played since I wrote it. Most of the time it wasn’t even on the setlist, but I’d play it anyway. I’ve revisited several other older songs with Cluthe/Lee, but for some reason it took me a long time to properly record this song. It has always been clear to me that this song is much more that vocals & guitar, which is why I’m so happy that it’s finally finished. I told Chris that I was thinking about recording it & he was excited. He never pressures me to record anything, no matter how much he likes it. I was excited to see how it would take shape, so I started with the basics. I knew this would be different because up to this point, Chris has been the one behind the kit. With his drums now in storage, I found myself behind the kit. I started out as a drummer/singer in a band in high school, but it’s safe to say that I’m a little rusty. Recording drums for Fall So Far was fun, humbling, frustrating & exciting all at the same time. It helps that the song is relatively simple & straight forward. I asked Chris the other day about what he was thinking about when he recorded his 5 guitar tracks (yes…5). He said he’s been listening to a lot of Allman Brothers & it definitely shows. The interplay between all of his guitar tracks is absolutely beautiful & he really took the song to the next level. The song was now almost done, but something was still missing….enter Laurel. She’s sang on a few of our songs & I always love to hear her vocal melodies. She added some truly delicate vocals & the last note just hangs…stunning. Take a listen, leave us a comment, tell your friends. I love music & feel blessed to be surrounded by such talented & encouraging people. So to Laurel and Chris, thanks for encouraging me to get this song out there. I’m so happy with how it turned out.    -Matt
Fall So Far Fall So Far by Cluthe/Lee "Fall So Far"

Matt Cluthe (words/music): vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums

Chris Lee: rhythm guitar, lead guitar

Laurel Cluthe: vocals