Album Announcement!

Hi friends, family and fans –

Matt and I are excited to announce that we have started a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo starting today at 12:00pm CST on Saturday November 8, 2014! The goals of the campaign are spelled out on our fundraising page (see direct link below).  Most notably we are looking to have this new album pressed to a vinyl in a limited run!

We’ve been hard at work the last 2 years on our 4th album – and are at the stage where we are ready to have the album mixed and mastered in a professional studio. You might remember in 2012 we asked for your help to get our 3rd album ‘Where It Began’ and the results were hands down the best we’ve had on any record we’ve done!

A lot has changed in our lives since ‘Where It Began’ was completed. There have been babies, cross country moves, career changes and of course lots of writing and music! We are quite excited to have you all play a part in this 4th album, and to do so in a way like never before.

So, visit the link below to read everything about our campaign and of course to make a donation towards our fundraising goal! We are so fortunate to have had your support over the last 5 years and are counting on you all to continue that support in any way you can!

Much love,

Chris and Matt


2013 Holiday Cover

Hey everyone!

Hope this email finds you all well! Here is our 2013 holiday cover—a cover of Elliott Smith’s “No Name #1.” Elliott is easily of my all time favorite songwriters & Chris & I were really excited to cover this song. Hope you enjoy!

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for 2014 & can’t wait to share it all with you! Thanks for your continued love & support & we wish you all nothing but the best in 2014!


Matt & Chris

No Name #1 "No Name #1" from Holiday Cover 2013 by Cluthe/Lee. Released: 2012. "No Name #1"

Far Beyond Me


(Lee) I have loved this song a very, very long time it feels. It’s one of those that I would listen to a lot whenever I was on the computer. The instrumental version had this soundtrack vibe to it. Total improv on the drums. One take. That was it. Didn’t even go back for any edits. I did write a few different guitar solo’s for the song through the years, some pretty wild, and in the end settled on this very subdued one. I am glad I chose to go back and go with this one – it compliments the lead Matt already played. So happy this one is finished and out there for all to hear! It’s a personal favorite and one that shows that two people in two different places can improv off one another and it turn out decent!


(Cluthe) I remember writing this one when I was very much under the weather. Voice was strained & I was home from work. I had the melody in my head to go along with the riff/chord progression that I’d been kicking around. My voice was pretty much shot, but I figured that I could at least record a rough demo to use as a roadmap. I recorded the guitar first & was happy with the take & then gave the vocals a shot. I sent it to Chris knowing that I’d have to re-record the vocals, but he said otherwise. I sat on it a bit & as he added his parts I realized that he was right. So glad that we’re putting this one out there for everyone to hear!

Far Beyond Me Cluthe/Lee Words/Music by Matt Cluthe. Mixed by Chris Lee "Far Beyond Me"

Fall So Far

Fall So Far

There are some songs that you can’t let go of. They remain & almost demand themselves to be heard because you find yourself playing those familiar chords almost every time you pick up your guitar. That is the case with Fall So Far. I wrote this song back in 2006-2007 & it has been a staple at every show I’ve played since I wrote it. Most of the time it wasn’t even on the setlist, but I’d play it anyway. I’ve revisited several other older songs with Cluthe/Lee, but for some reason it took me a long time to properly record this song. It has always been clear to me that this song is much more that vocals & guitar, which is why I’m so happy that it’s finally finished. I told Chris that I was thinking about recording it & he was excited. He never pressures me to record anything, no matter how much he likes it. I was excited to see how it would take shape, so I started with the basics. I knew this would be different because up to this point, Chris has been the one behind the kit. With his drums now in storage, I found myself behind the kit. I started out as a drummer/singer in a band in high school, but it’s safe to say that I’m a little rusty. Recording drums for Fall So Far was fun, humbling, frustrating & exciting all at the same time. It helps that the song is relatively simple & straight forward. I asked Chris the other day about what he was thinking about when he recorded his 5 guitar tracks (yes…5). He said he’s been listening to a lot of Allman Brothers & it definitely shows. The interplay between all of his guitar tracks is absolutely beautiful & he really took the song to the next level. The song was now almost done, but something was still missing….enter Laurel. She’s sang on a few of our songs & I always love to hear her vocal melodies. She added some truly delicate vocals & the last note just hangs…stunning. Take a listen, leave us a comment, tell your friends. I love music & feel blessed to be surrounded by such talented & encouraging people. So to Laurel and Chris, thanks for encouraging me to get this song out there. I’m so happy with how it turned out.    -Matt
Fall So Far Fall So Far by Cluthe/Lee "Fall So Far"

Matt Cluthe (words/music): vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums

Chris Lee: rhythm guitar, lead guitar

Laurel Cluthe: vocals


It Reaches Up

photoHey everyone! I’m happy to say that things are starting to pick up again with Cluthe/Lee. We have several songs in the works right now; some new & some that have been shelved for awhile. This song falls into the latter category. I wrote this song almost a year ago. Chris & I finished our parts in early November of last year. For some strange reason, it just sat there while we worked on new songs. When I opened up the song to mix it, I found that it only needed some simple adjustments here & there. Aside from that, it was done! I’m really excited about these new/old songs & can’t wait to share all of them with you! Thanks for your constant support…


It Reaches Up

Cluthe (words/music): acoustic guitar, vocals, electric guitar–Lee: drums, bass, lead guitar