Cluthe/Lee Announcement!

Dearest friends & family,

As you might have heard, Matt and I are preparing to put together songs for our third record since starting the band in 2009. For this record we are taking on the challenge of having the album “mastered” by a local sound engineer here in Columbia, MO. Mastering is a step in the recording process where the sound of the instruments are balanced, equalized, and enhanced so that the finished product will be both more musical and stand up next to professional CDs nicely. We recently paid to have one song of ours mastered and the results were flooring! Matt and I both feel that mastering this album will make it sound light years better than anything we’ve done to date.

The process of mastering and releasing an album is no easy feat. The costs can be upwards of several hundreds to thousands of dollars. This poses a problem for Matt & I since we are independent, unsigned, self-sustaining artists who don’t tour or sell merchandise. In plain terms, we don’t make money being in this band together. In the past we’ve put up money of our own just to get our last two records released. Unfortunately for Matt & I, the money isn’t there for mastering. Our fundraising goal is $600 & every cent helps!

Donating is simple. Simply visit and send your donation as “gift” to Be sure to leave your name and address. You will need a PayPal account to donate – setting one up is easy, but if you have trouble simply let us know via e-mail and we can assist. As a token of thanks for your donation we have the following rewards:

-Donations of $5 or less receives mp3’s of an album b-side and a live cut from our show in Dallas, Texas last year sent straight to your e-mail account.
-Donations of $15 or more receives an mp3 of an unreleased b-side from our previous two records and a DVD of our 2 hour live debut from Dallas, Texas last February 2011. The show features songs from both our albums Here We Are & Life Can Go.

Sharing this news with you all makes sense, since you all have been there from the very beginning of Cluthe/Lee. You all can play a direct part in helping us complete what we feel is our most exciting album to date! We are eternally grateful for all of your love and continued support the last 3 years! If you have any questions about the donation process, just send us an email.


Chris & Matt

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