Cluthe/Lee April Update!

hey everyone….

Matt here. just wanted to give you all an update about everything. it’s safe to say that we’ve been very busy in the last couple of weeks and it’s about time that we catch you all up on the latest.

Life Can Go is done! it’s been copyrighted and Maura ( is working on the artwork for the album. our collective goal is to have the album released sometime early in the summer. as you know, she did the artwork for Here We Are and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with for our second album!
-In the meantime, Chris & I are talking about releasing a digital EP through iTunes. this EP will contain some bsides along with a couple of re-worked songs from our first record. we’re still too early in the creative process to divulge anymore info…but stay tuned!
-in the last 2-3 weeks, we have been doing a lot of writing & recording. there is now a solid collection of about 5-6 new songs that we’re going to start mixing & mastering. we hope to have them released in the next week or two. i know i say this a lot, but this collection of songs has me really excited & i feel like we’ve pushed our boundaries even further. they don’t sound like anything we’ve done thus far.
-we’ve also been talking with Maura’s husband, Jake about building a Cluthe/Lee website!! he’s on board & sounds excited about it, so we are too! not sure when it will be launched, but it may coincide with the release of Life Can Go. he’s incredibly talented & open to our crazy ideas…, it should be a lot of fun!
-Laurel & I are still planning on making it to Columbia sometime this summer. it’ll be great to hang with Chris & Ali for a few days and play a couple of shows! beyond that, we’re both open to trying to play more shows….we just have to consider the distance. we’ll keep you posted.

so that’s it! it’s quite a lot, actually!

thanks for reading/listening,

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