Cluthe/Lee News 8/6/2010

Hey everyone!

Matt here—just wanted to give you an update on what we have going on these days. As you all know, the pre-order for Here We Are started on Monday (8/2) and will remain open until Monday, August 16th. The response has been great so far & we want to thank those that have ordered the cd & those that have downloaded it via iTunes/Amazon/cdBaby!! With that being said, I just want to stress that this is a limited run of Here We Are. We hope to have a few extra copies left to sell after the pre-order, but there is no guarantee that will happen. So grab one now while there’s still plenty of time! If you have any questions on how to place an order, just shoot us an email & one of us will walk you through it!

In the midst of all of this excitement about the album, Chris & I have continued to write. (which is also very exciting!) We have about 4-6 songs that are in various stages of mixing/recording and I thought I’d share a little bit about the two songs that will (probably) be completed first. The first of which is an older song of mine called “Hold.” It was written about 4 years ago and saw a little bit of time in my old band’s rehearsals, but it never took off. I continued to play it during solo shows & added a part here & there. Chris was listening to some of my old tunes & he asked if we could work on this one. It’s a really fun song to play & sing and he took it and ran with it by adding some great lead & rhythm guitar, as well as an awesome drum track. It has been a tough one to mix because there is simply so much going on within the song—but I’m happy to say that it’s just about done!

The other new song is a beautiful acoustic song that Chris wrote that we’ve titled “Can’t Retrace.” His mic placement was perfect & it really picked up all of the intricacies that lie within his acoustic tracks. This musical relationship & friendship is different from any other I’ve had for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is trust. Chris wasn’t 100% sold on this song, but I was. I heard something & a melody started forming almost immediately. He trusted my judgment enough to send me the files. This has happened with a lot of my songs that I’m unsure of…he asks me to send him the files anyway so he can try out a few things. When I get it back, it sounds like a different song. Chris is in the process of mixing this one & from what I’ve heard of the early mixes, it’s easily one of my favorites we’ve done. It’s safe to say that I’m really excited to release this song so you all can hear it!

When these songs are posted, we’ll let you know! You’ll be able to listen to them on our two sites:

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Again, if you have any questions about the pre-order, just let us know!

Thanks so much….we’re truly enjoying the ride!


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