Comes through in ways never thought possible…

Greetings Earthlings

Chris here from stormy Columbia, MO typing up an update on 2 brand new songs that are ready for you to enjoy! Both of these tunes are part of a productive summer period of writing and these are the two newest to come from those sessions. Both are Cluthe compositions and once more showcase the musical flex both of us have and continue to develop as musicians.

“Coming Through”
Cluthe: Music/Lyrics/Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Bass/Production & Mixing
Lee: All percussion/Lead Guitars

This song built up immediate steam when I got the demo and had so many elements thrown into it that mixing was pretty tough for Matt! This song features 3 electric solos, which is a first for us. Coming Through has an amazingly unpredictable flow to it. Listening to the finished mix it seems to come to this apex, slow down and then break through stronger than before. Matt and I both agree that the last minute of the song is one of our finest moments making music together. Matt had actually gone back and added this awesome chunky rhythm guitar that matches up so well with the other elements. Several times in the mixing process we each listened with the same amazement like “who are these guys?” Ha!

“His Voice”
Cluthe: Music/Lyrics/Vocals/Acoustic & Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitar/Bass
Lee: All percussion/Organ Keys/Lead Guitars

This song couldn’t be more opposite of Coming Through in my opinion. Matt and I both really love Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and I told him that this song reminded me of them. On this song I was feeling more comfortable on the drum kit than ever and started incorporating more fills than I usually do. I love challenging myself musically and this song REALLY put my abilities to the test. Matt’s story telling in His Voice is great. I always feel like there’s an instant sense of relating to what he’s saying to us. I feel so lucky to have such a great songwriter by my side. Truly inspiring you guys…

In other news, there are 100 copies of Here We Are flying somewhere over Pennsylvania as we speak on there way to my house. They arrive tomorrow and we’re both poised to start sending these out to all who ordered. We’ll have extra copies, so if you didn’t order one and want one, let us know by sending an e-mail to

There are about 4 more songs left from our productive summer that are being worked on and we can’t wait to share them! Thanks for all your love and support gang! We love you back!


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