Crazy calls, covers and copyrights!

Happy Sunday all!

Chris here writing from Columbia tonight with the Avett Brothers “Carolina Jubliee” LP blaring in my headphones (go get it if you haven’t heard). There has been a lot of activity in the Cluthe & Lee music world since last you heard from us! First and most significant is that I received a call at work from the Library of Congress on Thursday last week to inform me that our debut LP “Here We Are” has been copyrighted and the certificate is in the printing press and will arrive in 2-3 weeks! It had been a long time since I jumped up and down with excitement, but that’s exactly what happened when I heard the news! Matt was in class when I sent him to the news and he was IM’ing me freaking out! He said that it was very hard to hide his excitement in a classroom full of people! Ha!

Once the news broke, we began discussing initial thoughts on how to get this album distributed once the artwork is completed. I think we’ve settled on a vehicle for online distribution that is pleasing and meets our collective needs/wants. We are both very excited to be where we’re at in the process right now and know that once it all comes together it will be worth the wait!

As far as the music goes, both Matt and I have been taking a small break to record/cover some of our favorite songs! We each made a list of 5 that we often play solo and have already completed two. First is Radiohead’s “Nude” which has Matt playing/singing lead and Pearl Jam’s “Indifference” which has me singing/playing lead (my debut on lead vocals). We’ve also got Ben Harper’s “Amen, Omen” just about finished, but still needs some work. If you would like mp3’s of either covers we’ve finished, please e-mail us at or ask in person and we’ll be happy to oblige!

Original music continues to be written in droves even as we put down these covers. Music is flying everywhere and at the moment we’ve got a few that are in production including a classic Cluthe composition called “Sideways” and sees us going back to a less experimental sound than the last few we’ve done. Another one called “April Day” that is a beautiful acoustic and salt shaker song that has very moving lyrics. Others include a crazy guitar driven song called “Fade” which Matt wrote back in December I believe and an old forgotten tune I did back in September just as this whole thing started to lift off.

All this said, Matt and I are already formulating track lists for LP #2! We both sent some initial lists to one another culled from something like 30+ songs that aren’t on “Here We Are”!! Productive? Yes, you could say that. So, some other news is that Matt and I will finally be meeting mid-June this year! Plans are being made, courses plotted, spaceships getting booked for a long overdue and awaited meeting!

We both sincerely thank you all for your support and listening to our music! It does mean a lot to us both! Lots of love!


PS: Here are a few pics of me playing bass for a new song “Fade”

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