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hey everyone…. matt here. just wanted to give you all an update on several things that we have going on. we’ve mentioned a few of these things here & there and i thought it would be good to condense the info and put it all on one place. 
[new songs] 
-music: Lee 
-words: Cluthe 
 (Lee) Written back on October 27 2011 on a very rainy, cold mid-fall day after ingesting a few hours of Neil Young and Crazy Horse records. Totally inspired by their Ragged Glory record. I had some crazy ideas for this song when I first wrote it – none of which would have been good now listening to what Matt did here! Matt’s leads on here are fantastic! His timing in the bridge especially! 
(Cluthe) Easily one of my favorite songs we’ve worked on in the last several months. It was shelved for a little bit because we had so many other songs brewing & because of the holidays. Chris told me that he had some ideas, but sent me the basic track & asked me to explore. So, I did! 
-words/music: Cluthe
 (Cluthe) I had the flu for about 1-2 weeks & couldn’t really talk without having a crazy coughing fit, so it gave me a lot of time to work on my songwriting with only the guitar. Once I started getting my voice back, I recorded this song in one take. I thought it was going to be a demo, but Chris liked the tone of it, so we kept it. And I’m glad that we did! 
(Lee) If memory serves, Matt recorded this when he had a cold? Or was just getting over one? Great acoustic driven number. Percussion and added guitar needed to be woven gently into the song. I initially added all this crazy delay/reverb drenched leads into the song to try playing off Matt’s great lead licks – but in the end took a very minimal approach (which I love).
[in-progress songs] 
first of all, i just wanted to mention that we’re working hard on the next batch of songs! we have a few that are in various stages of mixing/recording right now. on top of that, we’re each trying out several other new ideas. i’ve changed my songwriting approach a bit & have decided to really take my time with my writing so i can (try to) get the best out of each and every song. the new songs are really shaping up nicely….here’s a quick list of the ones that we’re working on now. 
-We Became (Cluthe-words; Lee-music) 
-They (Cluthe-words/music) 
-The Ghost (Cluthe-words/music) 
-Give Yourself Away (Cluthe-words/music; Lee-music) 
[new album & website] 
 we’re really excited about our third album (still untitled at the moment). we’re trying a different approach & have enlisted the help of a sound engineer (Wil) to master the album. this is a long process, but we have plenty of time before our tentative release timeframe of late summer/early fall. the mastering work has already begun & Chris will be there to listen in as it moves forward. the first song that we had mastered was “It Spins” and it sounds absolutely HUGE to our ears. Wil is doing a great job & we can’t wait to share all of these tracks once the album is released! 
we’re getting close to finalizing a tracklisting as well! we’re really excited to have maura back on board designing all of the original artwork for the album. our new website is being built by maura’s husband, jake. he also happens to be my brother in law & it’s really cool to have them both involved! we have plans to launch the new site so it coincides with the release of the 3rd album. stay tuned! 
[wishlist Austin pre-party] 
as you know, Chris & I played the PJ20 Wishlist pre-party last september & it was a blast! i was asked to play the Austin Wishlist pre-party last week by the organizers & i can’t wait! the set(s) will consist of all original songs with some PJ covers thrown in here and there. the party is on April 27, 2012 at The Local Pub & Patio in Austin. It starts at 2pm and I should have set times soon. It’s open to the public, so if you’re in Austin…please stop by! 
that’s it for now….hope this message finds you all well. 
twitter: @clutheleemusic; @mattcluthe 

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