December update!

Chris here writing on a very cold December Sunday. It’s been a pretty exciting week in Cluthe/Lee music world. First, a music video is in the works! We’re not going to say anything more, and can’t wait to share it with you all! We’ve already posted a few videos on our new Cluthe/Lee Music Facebook page in the last week. If you have a Facebook account, stop on by and friend us! You can check out three videos that are currently up there. One of which is of Matt singing one of our favorite songs “Coming Through” on acoustic.

As Matt mentioned last week, our second full length LP is completed! “Life Can Go” is the title. It’s 13 songs total clocking in at 51.1 minutes. A bit longer than the debut record. “Life Can Go” is a departure in many ways I’ve noticed. We’ve both accumulated new recording equipment in the last year, namely microphones, 4 string basses and computer software. The songs have a punchy/deep feel to them. The corners are tighter so to speak; which happens when two guys write nearly 100 songs together! So, up next is copyrighting and artwork. Maura (our artist for Here We Are) has the new record and is working on a direction for the artwork. If you haven’t already been to Maura’s site you should check it out. The creativity gene is STRONG in the Cluthe family : )

Lots of great new music being recorded in the last week. I think we’ve got quite a back log of songs from July that still haven’t surfaced. That just means we’ve got a ton to share! Ha! All in good time my friends. Seriously though, we’re both pretty busy guys with full time lives and I think we’ve done well balancing our careers and this band. I know we’ve said it a bunch, but we really do appreciate you all listening. It brings so much more meaning to the art when we know you are there.

That’s about all from here for now! Stay tuned!

Chris & Matt

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