Defrost Mode!

happy monday, everyone….

i’m just about to post our latest song on our page, but thought that i should explain it a bit first. i was in the middle of a mixing marathon when i stepped away from the computer & grabbed my Strat. this riff came pretty quickly and i was having fun playing a little chord progression while muting/raking the strings a bit. then these lines popped into my head:

“why’s the world…why’s it gotta be so cold? it’s taking its time hanging out in defrost mode!”

to be honest, there wasn’t any intention a a deeper lyrical meaning. but as the song unfolded, a certain theme became somewhat clear to me, as it will to you. i quickly plugged in & hit record before the moment was lost. i recorded 2-3 different versions of this song…i was trying to somehow piece the loose & fun verses/choruses with a more reflective bridge. i tinkered a bit & hit record one last time…this is that take. Chris was immediately receptive to it when i told him that it was a very rough idea that i thought we’d just put on the shelf. well, it’s not on the shelf at all. he added some awesome drums & a tremendous lead track that really jumps out at you.

turn it up, tap your foot & hope you enjoy it!


“Defrost Mode!”
Cluthe: (words/music) vocals, rhythm guitar, j bass, lead guitar, mixing
Lee: lead guitar, drums

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