Cluthe: (words/music) vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Lee: lead guitar, drums, shaker, backing vocals

(Lee) Finding my parts in this song was initially tough. I had a few early takes Matt didn’t hear where I had played pretty much throughout the song. My instincts kept saying I needed to pare it back. Kept coming to the chorus “done, no matter what is said will change it and knew that was where I needed to start. I love coming in and playing these little parts as opposed to playing everywhere and this is why songs like this tend to be my favorite to work on with Matt. Finding my voice in this song was pretty tough. Matt gave me some great advice and was supportive (as usual) of my efforts. The drums started out with brushes, but a change of heart at the last moment and this is what made the final version.

(Cluthe) These lyrics are from 2002 & I was never really happy with how that version turned out. One day, I was thumbing through an old lyrics book of mine and found these lyrics. I started thinking of a new vocal melody, messed around with some chords & hit the record button. This is that version. Chris added some great lead work & his drumming is as solid as ever.


Cluthe: (words/music) vocals, acoustic guitar, djembe
Lee: lead guitar, bass, cymbals

(Lee) Around the same time as “Done,” Matt dropped this song via e-mail. I approached my parts on this one much like “Done.” Definitely love having these little spaces to come in and play. Love how the djembe makes it’s return! It’s been since January 2010 I think? A song Matt recorded using some crafty and unorthodox microphone placements! I’ll let him tell you about it though!

(Cluthe) I’ve been messing around with lots of alternate tunings lately, and this song is a direct result of keeping one of my guitars tuned to Open G. I’d been kicking this one around for awhile just waiting for an idea to really stick. Once it did, I was off & running. It was a lot of fun to use the djembe again…it’s been awhile & I think it really fit this song well. Chris is right…the mic placement was interesting. He’s been asking me to mic my acoustic for awhile, and this is the first song where I did mic the acoustic…I also used a mic on the floor (below me) to record the djembe. Lots of fun to play, that’s for sure!

We have lots of news to pass along….
-We have about 6-7 other songs going right now…all in various stages of production.
-Our 2nd album, Life Can Go, will be coming out soon! The artwork will be completed in the next 2-3 weeks. Once the artwork is finished, we’ll start the CD pre-order. More info on that coming very soon. BIG THANKS to my sister Maura for her hard work!! Thanks, Mo!
-Our (digital-only) EP, Different Colors, is just about done. We just need to make some final adjustments on the artwork, then it’ll be out and available through iTunes, Amazon & several other online music retailers….more info soon. Different Colors will consist of four b-sides from the Life Can Go sessions along with two alternate versions of the songs “Predicament” & “Reels Fly By.” Thanks to Chris Spain for his help & work on the album art!
-We’re very proud (and VERY excited!!!) to announce to announce that we’ve been asked to play the Pearl Jam (PJ20) Wishlist Pre-Party on Friday, September 2nd in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Lots of thanks to Laura & Jen for asking us to play……we’re very excited to be a part of this awesome celebration. It’s pretty crazy, to be honest!!! you can catch all of the details here: … t=Wishlist
-I think that’s it…for now. if you want to join our mailing list for the latest info, just email us here:
-and the links…..not trying to bombard you all, but we like to post our links every once in awhile…. (email) (myspace…has 10 most recent songs) (main page…has most of our songs + bsides) (our blog) (our twitter page) … 9719963329 (our Facebook page)

As always, thank you to all of you for your constant love, support & encouragement!


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