“Don’t Be A Number”

Hi everyone!

Matt and I have put wraps on a song I wrote in October called “Don’t Be A Number.” This song was written without much forethought on my part; rare, as I usually am plotting and planning! I broke a string on my acoustic prior to recording the final track, so this recording is void of my high E string! I’m sure there are other strange instances like that which happened in the past. I’ll have to see if I can remember more of them. I know there have been a few drum takes on songs where my foot has itched really bad, and as a result missed a beat but liked the drum take so much it had to stay! Ok, I’m straying off topic here. Focus, focus!

Per usual, Matt and I have something like 8-9 different songs in various stages of completion. I finished up a productive song writing period in October/November, and right now we’re just taking things slowly. Giving the ideas full attention/exploration. Days go by listening to them and seeking direction. The songs we’ve done in the last 6 months have all been about as heavy on the rock n’ roll as we’ve been in a long time. This new batch of 8-9 are all intense, guitar driven songs for sure. Some soft and delicate ones in there too, so all you softies out won’t be disappointed either! Haha!!

Let’s see, what else? Oh, we’re starting to track songs for our third LP! So far Matt and I agree on 12 out of 15 possible songs in play at the moment. This is a good sign. There are a few new ones (and one really old forgotten song) that are making a push for the track list. We’ll see how it all sorts out! Yesterday I re-recorded some drums for a few of the songs on that list. I think I’ve become a bit more comfy on the kit since some of these were completed in 2010. It’s fun to re-explore a song that captured a point of progression. Bringing a bit more experience and confidence to the table. Ok, hmm, what else…Matt has a show booked for Cluthe/Lee at Dunn Bros in Addison, TX on Saturday January 28th at 7pm. That’s outside Dallas for all you non-Texans! We’re excited to be able to play live again, and *knock on wood* that the MetroPlex does not have another ice storm like last year!

We’ve posted some live footage from our Wishlist Foundation/PJ20 gig over on YouTube. If you search my YouTube name “gibytoof” you will find those “Live at Hemingways” videos as well as a bunch from our show at Dunn Bros in February earlier this year. We have some decent pro-video from our Wishlist gig and in the coming months I’ll be compiling it into something to watch. Not sure how it will all turn out, but stay tuned! Our Cluthe/Lee Facebook page is a great way to stay plugged in to what we’re doing as well. Head on over to www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling to listen to our new song “Don’t Be A Number.” Enjoy!!

Don’t Be A Number
Lee: Acoustic guitar, Harp, Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals
Cluthe: Lyrics/Vocals, Electric Guitar

Love to you all!!


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