“Drop Of Rain” + Other News!

Hey everyone—

Matt here. We just wanted to update you all on a few things & let you know that our latest song, Drop of Rain, will be posted either today or tomorrow. Drop of Rain has come a long way. I recorded the basic track a few weeks ago & sent it off to Chris. Once he finished all of his parts, he sent it back. I had mentioned that I wanted to add some piano to the song, so I did. This song has about 5-6 different mixes that I’m aware of…some with more of this, some with less of that. For one reason or another, it has been “almost finished” for a very long time. We’re both happy to say that it is finished! Chris—thanks for your patience, man!

So, Drop of Rain will appear on our pages either tonight or tomorrow. When it goes live, you can hear it HERE: www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling & HERE: www.myspace.com/presentlyfalling

In Other Cluthe/Lee news….

-Chris & his wife are coming to Texas next weekend! They (along with Laurel & I) will be heading to ACL Music Festival & we can’t wait! It’s going to be great to sit in the same room & play some songs! We’re going to try to play a small set somewhere, but it is ACL weekend…so it might be tough to land a quick booking. But, we’re trying! Over a year of writing/recording/collaborating/mixing….and we’re finally going to meet after writing close to 75 songs. Can’t wait!

-There are several new ideas floating between us—each song is in a different stage and I’ve been able to make some vocal headway over the last 2 days. Looking forward to sharing them with you all.

-LP #2 (still untitled at this point) is just about ready to be submitted for copyright! We are pleased to announce that my sister, Maura is once again on board to design the artwork! We can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Up until now, we’ve kept the tracklisting silent…but now seems like a good time to share it with you all! You can hear early mixes of all of these songs on our reverb page.

LP #2

1. In A Corner
2. This Is…
3. Abbreviated
4. Oh, My Darling
5. Orwell’s Warning
6. Pieces Apart
7. Defrost Mode!
8. Grown
9. On A Wire
10. Hoping For A Miracle
11. Reels Fly By
12. Life Can Go
13. Don’t Question
14. Not Listening

Plus, there will be a couple of bsides. We may release a single or two….for now, those will remain a secret!

That’s it for now. Hope this email finds you all well. We’ll have another update before next weekend. Until then, thanks for listening & thank you for your constant support!


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