Fall So Far

Fall So Far

There are some songs that you can’t let go of. They remain & almost demand themselves to be heard because you find yourself playing those familiar chords almost every time you pick up your guitar. That is the case with Fall So Far. I wrote this song back in 2006-2007 & it has been a staple at every show I’ve played since I wrote it. Most of the time it wasn’t even on the setlist, but I’d play it anyway. I’ve revisited several other older songs with Cluthe/Lee, but for some reason it took me a long time to properly record this song. It has always been clear to me that this song is much more that vocals & guitar, which is why I’m so happy that it’s finally finished. I told Chris that I was thinking about recording it & he was excited. He never pressures me to record anything, no matter how much he likes it. I was excited to see how it would take shape, so I started with the basics. I knew this would be different because up to this point, Chris has been the one behind the kit. With his drums now in storage, I found myself behind the kit. I started out as a drummer/singer in a band in high school, but it’s safe to say that I’m a little rusty. Recording drums for Fall So Far was fun, humbling, frustrating & exciting all at the same time. It helps that the song is relatively simple & straight forward. I asked Chris the other day about what he was thinking about when he recorded his 5 guitar tracks (yes…5). He said he’s been listening to a lot of Allman Brothers & it definitely shows. The interplay between all of his guitar tracks is absolutely beautiful & he really took the song to the next level. The song was now almost done, but something was still missing….enter Laurel. She’s sang on a few of our songs & I always love to hear her vocal melodies. She added some truly delicate vocals & the last note just hangs…stunning. Take a listen, leave us a comment, tell your friends. I love music & feel blessed to be surrounded by such talented & encouraging people. So to Laurel and Chris, thanks for encouraging me to get this song out there. I’m so happy with how it turned out.    -Matt
Fall So Far Fall So Far by Cluthe/Lee "Fall So Far"

Matt Cluthe (words/music): vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums

Chris Lee: rhythm guitar, lead guitar

Laurel Cluthe: vocals


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