Far Beyond Me


(Lee) I have loved this song a very, very long time it feels. It’s one of those that I would listen to a lot whenever I was on the computer. The instrumental version had this soundtrack vibe to it. Total improv on the drums. One take. That was it. Didn’t even go back for any edits. I did write a few different guitar solo’s for the song through the years, some pretty wild, and in the end settled on this very subdued one. I am glad I chose to go back and go with this one – it compliments the lead Matt already played. So happy this one is finished and out there for all to hear! It’s a personal favorite and one that shows that two people in two different places can improv off one another and it turn out decent!


(Cluthe) I remember writing this one when I was very much under the weather. Voice was strained & I was home from work. I had the melody in my head to go along with the riff/chord progression that I’d been kicking around. My voice was pretty much shot, but I figured that I could at least record a rough demo to use as a roadmap. I recorded the guitar first & was happy with the take & then gave the vocals a shot. I sent it to Chris knowing that I’d have to re-record the vocals, but he said otherwise. I sat on it a bit & as he added his parts I realized that he was right. So glad that we’re putting this one out there for everyone to hear!

Far Beyond Me Cluthe/Lee Words/Music by Matt Cluthe. Mixed by Chris Lee "Far Beyond Me"

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