Forthcoming album and more!

Hi everyone!

It’s been nearly a month since we last blogged and there is much to update you on!

First is new album news! We are currently 5 songs from being finished with the mastering process for Where It Began, which resumes this week I’m excited to report. The finished songs sound simply amazing – I find I have to pinch myself while I listen “Is this really us”?! We project that the album will be ready for manufacturing by mid-September and a few weeks later physical shipment in hand. We’re looking at CDs and of course, digital download on most major sites (iTunes, Amazon, and many more). You all have been very patient with our loose deadlines – for which we apologize. We have all been wrapped up in lots of life change and music had to take a back seat for awhile. Can promise that the finished product will be well worth the wait! Also want to say that our new band website is coming along beautifully thanks to Jake, who is hard at work on a new site to experience what Matt & I do musically! We are aiming for the site to be live the day the album is finished. We will be keeping you posted a bit more often than normal as we near closer to the end of these new adventures!

Second, the thank you gifts we promised to all of you who donated to the mastering process are coming. The first of which are the b-sides and live track starting today! The DVD gifts are in production as I type and I’ll be getting in touch with all of you that qualified for the DVD to confirm addresses and such. Again, look for those tracks today. Huge thanks once more to all who donated to our fundraiser – Matt & I are both excited to share these gifts with you!

Third,  Matt & I are sitting on a ton of unfinished music (nothing new right?) that we will be posting on our Reverbnation page and eventually the new Cluthe/Lee website. There are some really amazing songs that are still in their infancy that we both can’t wait to jump back in and work on. I counted up something over 20 + songs in various stages that we’re not finished with yet. Plenty to share – always seems that way!

Lastly, Matt will be a guest performer playing live on our new friends Jenny and Sean’s Portland based podcast “In One Day Radio” sometime in September 2012. Please go over to and check them out, ‘like’ them on Facebook, twitter them (did I say that right?), and jump into all things beer, movies, music, food, and entertainment. Thanks to both of them for featuring our latest song “Take Flight” on episode #19 – which you can listen to at the link above.

Matt & I are so thankful for all the support from all of you out there – this band continues to evolve and grow in exciting and unexpected ways and don’t take any of it or your support for granted!

Much love to you all –


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