Friday Update…

hey everyone..

just wanted to give a quick update on what’s been going on. i finished mixing another batch of 3 new songs today—“Not Listening”, “This Is..” and “Don’t Question.” we’ll get those posted on our sites within the next couple of days. we also have a couple that are close to being finished—“Drift On”, “Life Can Go” and “Defrost Mode.” it’s my hope to mix those 3 before my wife & i leave for Seattle and Portland next weekend. (for the record…..we’re REALLY excited about that trip!!!)

so 2010 has definitely started with a big bang for Chris & i! we wanted to thank you all for listening to our songs…i still can’t believe how many plays they are getting! it means the world to us that you all are listening & supporting our musical journey.

some album news…..

yup. ALBUM NEWS!!! we got word from my sister, Maura last week that she’s just about done with the three rough drafts for the album artwork!! we should see them this weekend and we’re really excited to see what she’s come up with!!! the next step is picking one of those 3 drafts. our copyrights for the album should be arriving very soon, so the timing of Maura’s email was perfect.

once we have everything squared away, “Here We Are” will be up on iTunes and possibly Amazon or cdBaby.

this is truly something that i never imagined happening & i just want to thank Chris, Laurel, Allison, Maura and all of our friends & family.


be on the lookout for those 3 new songs in the next few days.

happy friday,

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