Gaze Up/Life Anew


(Chris) Beautiful little number Matt sent during a very prolific writing session while I was away on vacation in April. This is the first song I worked on when I got back in May and what I remember from that session was feeling like my musical senses were all rusty after nearly 3 weeks of not playing anything. One of my favorite parts in here is the line “birds perched on a wire.” Matt says this song pre-dates the song “On A Wire” which was done last year I think. Another part I love is Matt’s leads he plays mid song. Makes me want to get a whammy bar for my guitar!

(Matt) This song had an interesting journey. It was written while Chris was away on vacation & I wasn’t 100% certain that we’d ever finish it because I thought it was too long, to be honest. Once he got back & sent me his additions, it sounded totally different & I was adding parts up until the last minute. I’m really glad that we finished it!!

-Gaze Up-
Cluthe (words/music): vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, lead guitar
Lee: lead guitar, drums


(Chris) I remember Matt being really excited about this song. It started off with a demo that I think had elements of what you hear on this final version? I had suggested he build a song around those particular elements and this is what he came back with! I had a lot of fun trying to figure out drums to this song, especially the break down mid-song. The two leads are something I’d not tried before, at least not all at once.

(Matt) Chris is right….a lot of those original elements are still present in this recording. I did another lead vocal take b/c neither one of us felt like the original take really fit the tone of the song. The bridge was an improv & we really made it work somehow!! Love his double solo….easily my favorite part of this song!!

-Life Anew-
Cluthe (words, music): vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Lee: lead guitar, drums, shaker, tambourine


Lots of exciting (album/EP/show) news coming very soon!!!! As always, thanks for your support!!!

Matt & Chris

PS–GAZE UP is a large file. We’re going to have to edit it down before we can post it to our reverb page, but you can hear it on our myspace page here:

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