Getting back to soundzzzz!!

Happy Wednesday evening Cluthe/Lee music fans!

It’s been a nice long break since we posted new tunes and I’m happy to announce the release of 2 new songs; Tick Tock and Hands.

Tick Tock is a great bluesy number that Matt wrote and sent me just after the new year I believe. I had just gotten a very basic hi-hat + snare set up going and Tick Tock is one of a batch of tunes that the drum kit was used first used on. Matt has a real love for bluesy rock. His growl on this one is in fine form, as is his rhythm guitar and bass playing! I had a blast trading bluesy guitar licks with him 700 miles away. I’m pretty sure Matt agonized over trying to mix this song. It seemed to get pushed to the back of the line as we were writing quite a bit early 2010 into the spring time. Just in case anybody was wondering, Matt has been responsible for all of the mixing since we began work together late last summer. It’s a big deal to me because he has worked VERY hard to get all 60 + of our songs sounding good and I’m sure he’s a bit relieved when I say that he and I will be splitting mixing duties going forward. Software compatibility was hampering our efforts to do this from the start, and it’s going to be fun for both of us to get a shot at mixing.

Tick Tock

Matt: Lyrics/Vocals, Fender Stratooocaster Rhythm/Lead, Fender Jazz Bass, Mixing
Chris: Epiphone Les Pauuuuul Lead guitar, Hi-Hat & Snare with brushes

The second release is called Hands. Another amazing Cluthe composition that he sent in a fairly complete state. I’d worked up a few leads and a drum track when in the process of both of us upgrading our Mac software, the tracks were lost! When it came time to revisit Hands, I had decided to be bold and use drums sticks on the kit as opposed to the brushes. I think the drums come across much stronger than in any previous song we’d used drums on. As Matt put it in an e-mail last week, the drumming was “badass.” Hands is the first song where both Matt and I used the same version of Garageband which made putting the song together much simpler! I’ll spare you all the nerdy tech-talk on this one 🙂


Matt: Lyrics/Vocals, Fender Strat-rat-a-tat-tat-ocaster Rhythm Guitar, Fender Jazz Bass, Mixing
Chris: Drums + Sticks, Epi-ET-phone Les Paul Lead/Rhythm Guitars

As always, thank you for listening!

Much Love


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