Happy Wednesday to all our friends out there!

Chris here writing to let you know about our newest post “Grown” which was mixed a few days back. Once again Matt and I continue to explore a variety of musical terrains and “Grown” can be thrown into several catagories I think. A very moody opening showcasing something like 5-6 vocal tracks Matt put together. On my first listen I got major chills which is a good indication that we’ve done something powerful, unique, soulful….

I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted this song to sound like right from the start and Matt did an incredible job finishing my musical thought (we do that a lot actually). This song uses simple chords and live drums much like the last few we’ve posted. Matt has a solo in here that is unlike anything he’s played EVER. I have really been pushing him with the solo’s lately and I know you’ll hear the results on this song. Matt’s feedback to “Grown” was overwhelmingly positive and he’s told me he feels like my songwriting has gotten better as we collaborate : )

We are still in a holding pattern on hearing back from the government on copyrighting our first LP, but should be hearing something hopefully this month. From what Matt told me, the artwork is in development and is picking up steam, so stay tuned! In the meantime you can hear everything at and go over to our new blog at to check out what we’re up to! Thanks so much for all the support! We have been watching the playlist counts and are thrilled our stuff is getting to your ears!

So here it is guys and gals, say hello to “Grown.” Enjoy!


Chris: Organ(keys), Electric Guitar, Drums
Matt: Vocals/Harmonies/Lyrics, Slide Guitar, Lead Electric Guitar

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