Happy Holidays & new songs from Cluthe/Lee Music!!

Howdy ya’ll

Matt and I want to wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays! As the curtains close on 2010, we have so much to be thankful for. All of your continued generous and kind words, listener-ship are deeply appreciated. We don’t take any day for granted, especially the ones where we are writing together and sharing music with you all.

Speaking of music, we are so happy to release 2 new ones, Red Lights and Never Tell out for you to enjoy. Both have had a long road towards completion for too many reasons to share. Red Lights is a song Matt brought forward earlier this past summer. It’s been through several changes with lots of re-recording on my part to try and get the drums and guitars lined up right. Listening to it now I think that I was trying to harness the power of Mike McCready’s solo during “Nothing As It Seems” which is one of my all time favorite MCC leads EVER. The tone and lyrics allowed for a bit darker sound I think. It’s one of those songs that I go to sleep hearing over and over in my head for some reason. Maybe now that we’ve released it, I won’t hear it any more?! Haha!!

Never Tell is a tune that I wrote back in July 2010 and was the first song we’ve done where the focus was around building a song up around tribal sounding percussion. It’s been fun, interesting and frustrating transitioning from mostly Apple Garageband drum loops to a live drum kit. Percussion-wise, Never Tell finds me feeling more comfortable than ever before and getting a bit experimental with rhythms. Matt brought a whole new dynamic to these very sad/serious sounding melodies, as he usually does. I think his leads in this song are some of his finest to date. I especially love the latter half of the song as he colors the melody sounding as if it were effortless. I’ve come to the point now where I lose track of who’s playing what in these songs, and I believe Never Tell is a good example of that.

Go on over to www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling to take a listen to both of these songs! Cluthe/Lee Music will be taking a breather for a few weeks to spend time with family/friends and catch up on some rest! We’ve got 6-7 song ideas being worked on at the moment, so there’s that to look forward to in 2011. Also, you can expect our second LP “Life Can Go” to be released sometime in 2011 as well. As usual there is a lot going on and again we thank you all so much for your support.

Happy Holidays to you all!!

Red Lights
Matt (music/lyrics): Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
Chris: Drum Kit, Lead Guitars

Never Tell
Chris (music): Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals/Harmonies, Percussion
Matt: (lyrics): Vocals, Lead Guitars, Bass

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