Happy Record Store Day from Cluthe/Lee!!

Happy Record Store Day, everyone!!

Chris & I are both vinyl/music nerds, so it only made sense that we’d send you all a fun mp3 on RSD this year. The song we chose is an alternate version of the song “Predicament” that was featured on our first album, Here We Are. We re-recorded this song last year for a b-sides EP called Different Colors that we are still thinking about releasing digitally at some point. This alternate version sounds much different than the original, in my opinion. It features my wife, Laurel on co-lead vocals & I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

The fundraiser for the mastering of our third album is going really well! We’re halfway to our goal & we’d like to thank you all for your support!! Enjoy the song & we’ll see you soon!

Viva La Vinyl!!!


ps–If you aren’t on our mailing list & would like to be added, just send us an email! Our address is: presentlyfalling@gmail.com

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