heading outta town…!

happy thursday, everyone….

my wife & i have been looking forward to this day for awhile now. we’re heading to the Pacific Northwest (Portland & Seattle to be exact) for a much needed vacation. no classes, no work…just exploring, having fun & soaking up some culture. i know we’ll be hitting up several record stores while we’re there as well….can’t wait to see what vinyl we add to our collection!

anyway, with all that being said….Chris & I are taking this week to recharge our batteries a bit. we’ve been churning out song after song like crazy this year & it’ll be nice to sit back and explore some new tunes. i’m still not sure if i’ll bring my acoustic or not, but i know that i’ll be writing.

with the completion of the album (and eventual release) in sight, we just want to say how truly thankful we are to all of you that have been listening to our songs & reading our words about this collaboration. thanks.

i’m going to take the next couple of hours to work on mixes for our next 3 songs and here’s a little description of them for ya:

“Defrost Mode”
a loose, fun stomp of a song that i recorded a little over a week ago. Chris describes it as my “Paul Westerberg Song.”

“Drift On”
a piano driven ballad about a man’s desire to find himself & finally go home.

“Life Can Go”
a dark, somber song that i wish (the subject matter, that is…inspired by a spirited debate in class regarding child abuse & neglect) never had to be written. there’s hope in there, though….you just have to get through the pain first to realize that life can go on.

so there you have it! i know that we have a few ideas waiting for me when we return from our trip that Chris wrote…..and they sound amazing.

as always, thanks for listening/reading.


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