Hello to you all in 2012!

Wherever you are – Happy New Year from Cluthe/Lee!

Where to start all ye faithful? Hmmmm… After a much needed break in December, the Cluthe/Lee engine is starting to turn over once more. 2011 was quite a year for Cluthe/Lee. Our second album – two shows and of course lots and lots of new songs. We are both thankful for all events that have come our way since 2009 and we’re looking forward to continuing this collaboration into 2012 with you all!

As I type this up there are some exciting things to look forward to in the coming months. First is Matt’s solo show at Dunn Brothers in Addison, Texas this month. We had originally planned it to be a Cluthe/Lee show – but forces beyond my control made it impossible for me to be there. I can assure you that an evening of Matt playing his extensive song catalog, covers, and who knows what – should not be missed! Matt is tinkering around with some very interesting/fun ideas for his show. I won’t spill the beans in this blog – I’m certain he’ll be in touch with show details.

We are also in the process of gathering up songs for our third LP – process is showing good strength so far. We’re excited to be moving on and getting out this next batch of tunes to you all. I can tell you that it’s the most aggressive/experimental set of songs to date – and I know you all will be happy with it! It’s also the very first truly organic LP we will have put out to date. Meaning it’s all live instrumentation – no drum loops. I’ve been hard at work getting into the art of drumming – and learning how to drum with music written 1000 miles away at that! It’s not an easy feat you guys – but lots of fun!!

There are a number of new instrumentals I’ve completed in December and there up to listen to at www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling if you want to hear. There are a number of songs Matt has been working on as well that are going to be worked up in the next month or so. Matt and I continue to evolve as song writers and we’re both very happy with where the band is at here in 2012. There were several projects we spoke of in 2011 that are still very much alive – just trying to figure out how to move forward with them. One of those is our EP “Different Colors” which is all but finished – minus artwork. We hope to have that out digitally when the time comes. You’ll find some very neat alternate takes on songs you know from both our LPs – plus a few surprises. We had mentioned a possible video at some point as well – however that project is a bit further away in reality. We have posted many videos from our show in Wisconsin back in September 2011 over on YouTube that hopefully you’ve seen.

That’s it from here – for now. Thanks for staying with us all this time! We do appreciate it – greatly!

Chris & Matt

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