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hey everyone…

Matt here writing from windy Waco, TX. I just wanted to pop in & give you a bit of an update. The last couple of weeks have been quite crazy with finals, moving and a new job all in full swing. So, I haven’t had as much time to work on music. However, I did take full advantage of my downtime yesterday to work on mixing the next batch of four songs!

They’re all coming together nicely & we hope to have them posted very soon. My wife, Laurel, makes her return to singing backing vocals on the song “On A Wire.” She really took this song to a whole different level. Another new one that I’m really excited about is a great song that Chris wrote the music for..it’s called “Hoping For A Miracle” & I had a lot of fun playing slide guitar on this one! We have a couple of others (“Tick Tock”, “Quarters On The Floor” & “Genesis”) that are nearing completion as well. “Tick Tock” is a new/old song of mine….the bluesy riff is old, but I re-wrote the lyrics for it.

Like I said, we’re moving into a much larger place & one of the benefits of that is that I’ll have my own music room! My gear is spread all throughout our current house (mainly in the dining room…yup. the dining room!) and I’m really excited to have everything centrally located. Chris is moving as well & he’s getting a music room too! So, we’re both really happy about our moves!

We’ll try to get these posted as soon as they’re ready. In 2 weeks, all of the finals/moving craziness will be over & i can’t wait!

Hope this finds you all well & thanks for listening/reading,


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