hey there….

i’m working on writing lyrics right now for a beautiful song that Chris wrote & thought that i would answer a question that i’ve heard a lot through the years. the question is….”where do your lyrics come from?”

to be honest/blunt, i don’t know. i try to dive into the song & let nature take its course. the truth is that the course is never the same. i just let it happen.

it could be a word, a melody, a thought….but something happens. and that’s when i just go with it. i feel like there are themes to my writing (at times), but i never map them out…they just happen.

the world is a beautiful & tragic place all at once…you have to choose your path every day and in every song. once you’ve made your pick, the door opens up a bit.

after that, you grab a pen/pencil/marker/whatever….and you write on anything. a post-it-note always works. see ya soon…..

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