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Hi all

I meant to get this blog done on Friday, but my work PC sucks (yeah Mac!).

The latest song called “In A Corner” was posted on Friday and I see we’ve already had some plays! When I wrote this one about 3 weeks ago I had been on a bit of a Led Zeppelin kick. I had also started messing around with alternate tunings and came back to one that has been used on several others (A Harmless Song, Let The Music Play).
Combine that open D tuning with a capo and some Zeppelin and you have “In A Corner.”

Matt’s reaction to it was immediate! He wrote back saying it was a song that was ‘in his wheel house’ and I’d say within a day he had these searing vocals laid down. When he sent it back and it took off from there. Matt’s slide guitar work on this is just flat out awesome and added this nasty/awesome element to it : )

Enjoy this blues/zep/nasty-awesome infused tune and I promise not to use the words nasty-awesome every again, ha!!

In A Corner (aka Zep Song)

Chris: Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drums, Hand claps
Matt: Vocals/Lyrics, Slide/Lead Guitar

As always, thanks for listening!


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