Inside Out & Rise and Fall….

hi everyone.

chris wrote a post about the last 2 songs, so here i am to give you a little info on these two little ditties. i was going to write about how they were completely different, but the more i thought about it, i realized that they are quite similar. sure, they SOUND drastically different, but they are tied together thematically.


as you all know, my sister Maura is working on the artwork for our album. (you can see here stuff here…it’s awesome & definitely worth the visit! several years ago, Maura had an art show at her studio in the Hobbs building in Kansas City & i played 2 sets during the show. it was a blast & i’d always hoped that we’d do another one someday. fast forward to late 2009…i emailed my thoughts on doing another one to Maura. except this time, my goal was to write a whole new set of songs that were based on her artwork. when my wife & i were up there for christmas, Maura & I were able to talk it through. she told me that she had the idea of “Puzzles…life as a puzzle” as her central theme. first off, i was just really excited that she wanted to do another show with me! then, my mind started racing a bit. as soon as we made it back to Texas, i found myself thinking about the puzzles theme and started writing. the result of that initial writing session was the song “Pieces Apart” which finds the main character deconstructing their life (pulling the pieces apart) to start over & make some kind of sense of it all.

i’ve stuck to this theme & have continued to write & develop ideas for the collaboration with my sister. i’m trying to examine this theme from as many angles as possible & i’m having a lot of fun doing so. it’s a totally different kind of writing for me, i think. enter “Inside|Out.” here we find ourselves eavesdropping on a conversation. the main voice is trying to find out exactly what’s going on with the other person while the other person sits there silently and completely worn out by life. the song slowly builds as the conversation reaches its crest and the silent partner leaves the conversation feeling rejuvenated and buoyed by his friends’ words of hope.

“Where’s that happy road you’re seeking? Long gone are the days of closing your eyes and pissing life away.”

then the conversation leads here…
“Open up your eyes, sunshine. Let the morning rest onto your life, you’re blessed.”

so this is the second song for the puzzles collaboration. we hope to put on a show someday once all of the pieces are in place.

Matt Cluthe: words, vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Chris Lee: electric guitar, shaker


“Rise & Fall”

i’m not sure that i can go into nearly as much depth when explaining this song, to be honest. that may be a good thing!! ha! this song was really spontaneous & it started with me just jamming out on my Strat with the amp turned way up. one thing led to another & it seemed like a structure accidentally emerged. i sent a rough demo to Chris & he was enthusiastic and told me to keep pushing. he heard potential in this song long before i did. he’s always pushing me & it really helps when i have some kind of reservation or metal block.

this one was a lot of fun to play. it has that marching chord progression & i was excited the whole time i was recording b/c i knew that Chris would add some really awesome elements to it. and you know what? i was right! i love his lead throughout the song…it’s so sneaky. it was tricky to mix, that’s for sure. but we’re both really happy with how it came out. this is one that you may want to turn up.

Rise & Fall
Matt Cluthe: words, vocals, electric guitar, bass
Chris Lee: electric guitar, lead guitar, organ

so there’s the update! we have another batch brewing as i type this. Chris wrote this really amazing “zeppelin-esque” song that i absolutely love. i’m actually just about to record a little slide guitar & djembe for it. as always, thanks so much for listening (& reading!). here are the music links for ya. enjoy!

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