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hey everyone—-

like a lot people, i don’t remember my dreams very often. being a student of psychology, dreams and the unconscious mind have always fascinated me. most of the dreams that i’ve had that i do remember are blurry, jumbled and incomplete as i attempt to recall them. the mind is a funny thing because this song is about the most vivid dream that i’ve ever had…..and it came at the perfect time.

we lost my Dad to an intense battle with ALS a few years ago. since he passed, i’ve written several songs about him that show the wide range of emotions that we all face when losing someone we love. i had mentioned to my wife that a week or two prior to the dream that i couldn’t remember his voice. this very simple thought shook me and the inability to dial up the memory of his voice left me feeling unaware if i’d ever hear it again. i’d had dreams with Dad in them before, but he had never uttered a word.

this dream was a gift from my Dad, and it is one that i will never forget. so much has happened since he’s passed….spouses and grand kids that he’d never met. in this dream, he met them all and it was a beautiful sight to see. the fact that Laurel sang along with me means the world to me…i know that my Dad loves her. i heard his voice and i can still hear it now. thanks, Dad.

take the time to say what you need to say to those around you. life can be cut short without warning.

thanks for listening/reading,


“London Dream”
Matt Cluthe (words/music): Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Bass
Laurel Cluthe: Backing Vocals
Chris Lee: Lead Guitars, Percussion

Listen at www.myspace.com/presentlyfalling or www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling

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