Man Of The Mountain

hey everyone out there in cyberworld…

Matt here. just wanted to share some info on what Chris & I have going on and tell you about the song we just posted. first off, we’re going to be posting 3 new songs over the weekend…one per day…and it all starts of with “Man Of The Mountain.”

this is a song that i wrote right around the time that my old band, End Result, was coming to an end & i was starting to play a lot of solo shows in & around Houston. i think it’s safe to say that this one was inspired by reading John Krakauer’s novel “Into The Wild.”

my take on this song is simple & has been written about time & time again. it’s all about an individual’s search for purpose. take the character in this song…he leaves all that he knows & loves behind to find himself. he will only return once he feels that he is once again himself & on solid ground. i think it’s a thought that everyone can relate to at one time or another.

like i said, i wrote this one a few years ago & i’ve played it live many, many times. but no matter how many times i played it, it felt like it was lacking a backbone. i shared an old & rough demo of this song with Chris & he was excited to work on it. we pushed it back a bit b/c we were so focused on the other new tunes, but i finally got around to re-recording the bones of the song along with the bass track & sent it off to Chris. to put it simply, he finished it. his lead work elevates this song to somewhere that i didn’t even know it could go.

so, there you have it! we’ll be posting 2 new ones this weekend–“Best Half” & “Misconception.” we also have a few others that are coming along nicely. until then, enjoy the song & thanks for your support & for listening!



“Man Of The Mountain”

Matt Cluthe: vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar, bass, slide guitar, mixing
Chris Lee: lead guitar, drums, tremolo guitar

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