May 2015 Album Update


Hi friends, family and fans of Cluthe/Lee!

It’s Chris checking in from rainy Columbia, Missouri! So, it’s been some time since you’ve heard from us! We hope you are all doing well out there. Cluthe/Lee’s fundraiser through Indiegogo ended in early January and we were able to raise just over $500 towards completing the new album and having it printed to vinyl. Since the fundraiser ended a number of things have been in motion with the band. First is the completion of the 4th album! We are currently in the final stages of reviewing the songs we want on the new record and its going well. There are about 12 songs in consideration and they are all very fitting of the band’s style and sound. We’ve divided up that group of songs and are each making final adjustments, overdubs, new parts, mixing, etc,. Once Matt and I feel like they are as finished as we can make them, the next goal will be to launch a second fundraiser to hopefully get the rest of what we’ll need to not only mix/master the final record, but to have it printed up on vinyl! We are in touch with a number of vinyl production facilities, as well as a sound studios/engineers and have a solid amount we figure we need to get this project finished. If you ended up donating to the Indiegogo campaign, we will do our best to honor the pledge and prize level promised to the best of our ability. Our hope is that once fully funded, everybody who donated get a copy of the new album at the very least! The timetable for the new fundraiser launch will be June and will continue until we reach our goal. I think this second attempt will be more successful as we will not have any time constraints attached to it. This means we are not going to use any fundraising vehicle’s this time. Since Matt is actively touring the Portland area this year, there may be some chances to engage him at a show and donate that way. We will also be making past albums available for purchase as part of raising funds towards the 4th album project.

So, what else is going on? Matt is touring the Portland area this year and has some very big gigs lined up that I hope you can attend! (info below) Visit Matt on his Facebook page and check our Cluthe/Lee Facebook page for all the touring details! Matt has also been hard at work on his first solo record and while I haven’t heard anything from it yet, he told me recently I will get to play on some songs which I’m completely stoked about! He’s also continued to write songs that could very well be included on a 5th Cluthe/Lee album in the future! Look for a personal update from Matt very soon! As for myself, I have been less active with the band from a writing standpoint focusing more on raising my 2 year old daughter and starting a new career this past year. I assure you all that Cluthe/Lee is very much alive though and you’re going to start hearing from us a lot more in the coming months.

If you guys have any questions and/or feedback you want to share, send us an e-mail at or message the band on our Facebook page. Thanks for all of your continued support the last 6 years! We are both so very grateful for it and to all of you!

Chris & Matt





-Sunday, May 31st at McMeniman’s Al’s Den in downtown Portland opening for The Cabin Project. Show starts at 7pm.

-Friday, June 12th at Insomnia. Show starts at 7:30pm.

**More shows in Portland/Seattle for the rest of the year TBA soon!


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