Misconception; 2 of 3 new song releases this weekend!

Hey everybody

Busy weekend in Cluthe & Lee music land! Misconception started out as a drum loop that I built a few months ago. Without a real full drum kit (its coming, don’t worry) I’ve been working on developing these loops that aren’t monotonous and have tempo changes. This one came up and I liked it so much I put down some basic chords to them. It started sounding a bit vanilla and so as usual I put some weird fucked up chords in it and asked Matt to get out his Strat and solo! Matt’s chops are getting better by the second people! Its one of the songs where all of our guitar work managed to stay. Its not easy playing 700 miles apart from one another, but this song sounds like he may have been standing recording his solo while I was playing mine. Turn it up and enjoy! Thanks for all the support guys and gals! I see Man of the Mountain has a lot of plays already! Very cool!


Matt: Vocals/Lyrics, Fender Stratocaster guitar solo
Chris: Drum loop, Fender P-Bass, Epiphone Les Paul

www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling (to hear it all)
www.myspace.com/presentlyfalling (to hear 10 newest songs)

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