Monday means new songs

Hey everybody!

Happy Monday! Matt and I are happy to be sharing the two newest songs we’ve finished this month! Both very different as per our usual style. I can’t recall which came first to be honest. Music tends to be flying everywhere all the time it seems. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to pre-order our second record “Life Can Go.” Matt and I are so proud of this second effort and are happy to have it available for pre-order (see previous blog post, or e-mail us at for details)
Thanks for all the continued support!

Chris & Matt

Special (Cluthe: Words/Music)
Cluthe: Rhythm guitars, all vocals.
Lee: Guitars, Shaker, Stick On Drum, Bass

A great song Matt wrote last month I think? There was a flurry of songs he was sending and I latched onto this one pretty quickly. Love the rhythm guitar playing he does. I had this idea of percussion sounding like a beating heart. Thought it fit the lyrics pretty well. The guitar parts were all played so delicately.

Everything/Anything (Lee: Music, Cluthe: Words)
Cluthe: All vocals, Bass, Lead Guitars, WhammyFunk Guitars
Lee: Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar, Drums

This song has VERY OLD ROOTS. I think I forgot to tell Matt this, but I play these chords nearly every time I warm up playing guitar. Been the same warm up since 1997 I think. Hit me one day that I never recorded it, and here you have it! Matt did some crazy funky stuff with his guitar. Sounds like explosions (headphones or good stereo needed) at various points. Getting this song mixed was a real bear! Just when we thought things were going well, many of Matt’s parts were deleted. He had to re-record the vocals again at the 11th hour. I think he did an awesome job considering just how frustrated he was at that time.

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