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hi everyone–

Matt here…just checking in to let you all know what have going on. Chris is back from his vacation & we’re starting to get back into the swing of things. several new songs have been making the journey from Waco to Columbia (and vice versa)in the last week. so, we should have some new tunes posted soon! also, we’re proud to announce that my brother-in-law, Jake, is on board to design our website. he’s super talented & we both know that we’re in very good hands. the site address will be the goal behind the site is to streamline everything (music stream, videos, blog, lyrics, twitter feed, etc) into one site, instead of hosting multiple sites. it’s quite a project, but we know that Jake will do a great job.

in music news…
Maura is about to start up again on the artwork for Life Can Go. once the artwork is done, we will start taking pre-orders for the album. so, sit tight….and trust me, it’ll be worth the wait! in the meantime, Chris & I are going to put out a digital EP soon that will be available through all major online music retailers (iTunes, Amazon, rhapsody, etc) very soon. we’re finishing up the last two tracks as i type this. once they’re done, we’ll submit it for release! this EP will contain 3-4 bsides from the Life Can Go sessions as well as two album tracks (Predicament– from Here We Are & Reels Fly By–from Life Can Go) that have been re-arranged & re-recorded for this EP. Chris is mixing Reels Fly By & I am mixing Predicament…they’re both sounding great so far & they’re totally different from the versions that you’ve come to know.

there you have it! lots of exciting stuff happening. as always, thanks for listening & reading.


(Matt recording bass & backing vocals for “Gaze Up.”)

(Laurel recording her vocals for the EP version of “Predicament.”)

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