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Spooky, gritty, & bluesy!

Hey there! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Flexing the ol’ fingers today to let you all know that Matt and I have completed two new songs. Being to true to form, we bring you two songs that couldn’t be more different from another. Also figured while I was at it, I’d also post to jam’s that never materialized into songs. More on that……

Time To Rest is a Cluthe composition dating to early April just prior to me going on vacation. Perhaps it was totally stress induced, but the leads and tone of this song were a bit creepy and hard to keep from recycling in my head. I recall waking up really early one morning and those spooky leads were just blaring in my ears. Matt told me I likely needed “a rest.” Haha! He was right. Anyways! The drums took some work and Matt had encouraged me to add more guitar, even though I thought it might taint the awesomeness of the original version. I loved how it turned out overall, but someday I think we should post the version without my extra guitars?

Ok, now onto Recollection. Wow, this song has had quite a journey. It started out as an open G tuning number I had written some words for called “10,000 Demons.” I’d done some initial work on it, and sent it over to Matt. I think as a budding singer/songwriter, I may have bitten off more than I could chew. I kept working on it, however never shared the semi-complete version with Matt. Ended up shelving, the resurrecting it in March. I re-recorded the idea and sent if off to Matt. While I was on vacation he sent back his take and I was floored. I pushed to have the song just be vocals and acoustic. Pushed a few times, but Matt pushed back and encouraged me to develop the song out further and add more instruments. In the end, this is the version that won out! I’m glad it did too….

So, those jams I was talking about. I got some new cymbals for x-mas and in late January 2011 I set the mics up and recorded some drums to see how it all sounded. Well, naturally couldn’t just have a drum track and nothing else! So, 1/26/11 #1 is me just fucking around with the drum track and having some fun with fuzzed out guitar! Sent it to Matt and he was stoked! I wasn’t too pleased with the guitar stuff I’d added, so I challenged Matt to take the same drum track and write some music to it. A few weeks later he sent me what I called 1/26/11 “shut yo’ mouth jam” Holy shit! I jumped on and added some funky guitar lines and BAM!! Maybe someday Matt will tap into his inner Shaft and write some words?! Hahaa!!

Listen to all 4 songs at or

Well, it’s time wrap this bloggy up friends. Matt and I are wrapping up work on our digital only EP. Not sure what it’ll be called yet, but we have the track list and have re-worked two songs; one from “Here We Are” and one from the forthcoming second LP “Life Can Go.” I am working on some cover art ideas for the EP and a good friend of mine named Chris Spain has agreed to take up the challenge and design the art! Not sure how long it will take for the EP to hit the digital retailers after we submit, but we will keep you posted! Also, art for “Life Can Go” is picking up steam. We will keep you in the know on when it’s done and begin taking pre-orders for it.

Thanks for all the support! Love to you all!
Time To Rest
(Cluthe) – Words/Music – Vocals, Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitars
(Lee) – Drums/Percussion, Electric Guitars

(Lee) – Music – Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars, Drums/Percussion
(Cluthe) Words – Vocals

1/26/11 #1 jam
(Lee) – Music – Drums, Guitars

1/26/11 “shut yo’ mouth jam”
(Cluthe) – Music – Electric and Bass Guitars
(Lee) – Drums, Electric Guitar

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