New release Friday!

Hi faithful Cluthe/Lee listeners!

I haven’t done an update in some time and figured now would be a good time to fire my blogging skills back up again! Ha!

Two brand new songs have just been finished; Hold and Can’t Retrace. They are posted both at and at

Matt and I have both had much of our attention focused on getting the pre-orders for our debut LP “Here We Are” organized and as of today have finished taking orders for a CD copy. The order for the CDs is being placed tonight, which means we should have the shipment in our hands and ready to send to you all by first week of September. Thanks to all of you for making this possible!

Matt and I continue writing new songs as I type and have 2-3 additional new ones that are close to being finished. We should have 2 more out to you listeners next Friday! The songs we’ve been doing lately have had me working the drum kit like never before, and the tone is pretty full on rock.

As for these newest tunes..Hold is a Cluthe composition that was sent to me back in late June but had existed for much longer. At the time I’d started listening to some of Matt’s solo songs and asked if we could work up Hold. He obliged and before long I was making a bunch of noise on the drum kit trying to find a suitable beat. Looking back at my files, it looks like I tried 20 takes to get the drums consistent! Whew! I had some sore arms that’s for sure. Matt’s vocals are beautiful and aggressive. I’m convinced his Strat got a work out in the process as you can hear his playing matching the vocal delivery. I am a bit of a lyrics guy, and what I love most about Hold are just that. You can find yourself in there somewhere…at least I do in nearly every song he’s written.

Can’t Retrace is something I recorded on July 1. It was a spur of the moment recording while I was playing around with microphone placement. The main part just came from nowhere and after I was done I liked the tone I’d captured, I went ahead and did a pretty crazy acoustic lead (something new). I sent it to Matt and he was intensely drawn to it. While he was digesting it I developed a nasty case of “self-criticism” and went back to Matt saying I didn’t really think the demo was good enough to do anything with. He told me I was nuts and to let him get his vocal/lyrical ideas down and that I’d change my mind. Well….he was right. I love the line “nothing wrong, right, inbetween…” makes me think about what Matt and I do together musically. How we approach our own ideas and how we support one another through these kinds of moments.

Cluthe: Words/Vocals/Music, Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Lee: Lead Guitar(s), Drum Kit

Can’t Retrace
Cluthe: Words/Vocals, Lead Electric Guitar
Lee: Music, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Shaker, Drum Kit with brushes



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