New release Friday!

Happy November everybody!

Chris here, writing from the chilly mid-west to say that two brand new Cluthe/Lee songs have been posted! November is going to be a busy month with new tunes. We plan on releasing a couple more next Friday and possibly 2 more the Friday after that! We’ve got quite a backlog of songs that we’re working through and have decided not to write any new one’s until these songs get out to you all.

Brings Me Warmth was written back in August and is another “open D” composition of mine. I seem to favor that tuning for some reason (see “A Harmless Song”, “In A Corner”‘). I don’t know. Just something about the strange-ness of that tuning that appeals to me. I had this song worked up with drums and acoustic guitar and Matt came in and added some amazing guitar work/vocals pretty quickly.

Walking Dead is a very creepy sounding song that was written the week of Halloween. Over our ACL trip Matt gave me a bunch of The Black Keys records to listen to and all October I was hooked. I tried writing a simple little blues tune. Took a very simple approach recording just one guitar track and drums. Matt does the rest! He told me he was very inspired and swept up in all the spookiness of the week and somehow channeled that into his vocals/lyrics/guitar. Listen for the whammy dives he does on the song. The bass line Matt plays is FREAKING AWESOME. Get your headphones on kids and feel the bass!

Both of these tunes are quite different from one another which keeps to the spirit of the Cluthe/Lee method now over a year old! If you’re wondering about the pic at the top, it’s from the Field Museum in Chicago. I took it last year in late August feeling quite inspired and hyped up over the new musical relationship that had started. I still feel like it is a nice representation of what we’ve done. Maybe I’m getting too deep here? Ok, anyway! Ha! Quick update on our second record. We’ve decided to call it “Life Can Go” and will be submitting it for copyright this weekend! Whooo!! Not sure on the time table for digital/physical release, but stay tuned here for news and you’ll be the first to know!

Brings Me Warmth (August 2010)
Lee: (music) – Drums, 6 string acoustic
Cluthe: (words) – Vocals, Fender Jazz Bass, Lead Guitar(s)

Walking Dead (October 2010)
Lee: (music) – Drums, Epiphone Les Paul
Cluthe: (words) – Vocals, Fender Jazz Bass, Lead Guitar(s)

Thanks all! We love you and stuff 🙂

Chris and Matt

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