New song, and first live show

Howdy cowboys/girls of the interwebs!

Chris here writing from the cozy confines of my office at work. Got some Pearl Jam Radio going, a nice hot cup of green tea by my side and some updates for you all.

First is to let you all know that our first live show is coming up in 8 days in Addison, Texas (suburb of Dallas). Matt and I worked on a little show flyer and there’s a picture above of it. We are so excited to play together live and have been hard at work rehearsing our set list, which has songs from our debut “Here We Are”, our forthcoming album “Life Can Go” as well as some b-sides, songs that pre-date Cluthe/Lee and a few covers. We’ve covered all our bases as you can see. Some of you have already mentioned coming out for the show and we are completely stoked about that! We both feel confident that we’ll put on a great show! Also, we’ll be taping it to Hi8 and may have that available to you all at some point down the line. At the very minimum we’ll plan to rip a few of the live tracks and share them with you all.

Secondly, we are happy to finally release a new song called “It’s Time.” Matt wrote this on his acoustic guitar back in November 2010 and here’s what he wanted to say about it….

“It’s Time” might be a tough one to listen to if you know someone that is looking for something real/tangible to hold onto while they are trying to cope with themselves. Life can be trying and difficult at times…and it may be hard to see the hope in everything that we have to endure. But I’m a firm believer that if you look hard enough…’ll find it. Thanks so much for listening…. – Matt

My thoughts on this were immediately about inner confrontation and how uncomfortable it can be. Though the longer we worked on this song and the more I listened to it the more the lyric “hey, it’s time” struck me. To me, it was a call to take part in the tiny little beautiful things that I often miss when I’m consumed with my own internal process. (I’m a therapist by day you guys, so forgive all the psycho-babble). It’s a precious song in a lot of ways and I’ll just leave it at that!

I will have the song posted to by 6:30pm CST tonight after work. Enjoy!!

It’s Time
Cluthe (words, music): Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Tambourine, Piano
Lee: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums

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